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I just called to say

Posted: 26-06-2020

I love you

No you didn’t.

This is a post made humorously after an anxious couple of days, I know I have missed a few calls not only because they have occured whilst I have been otherwise engaged – yes I manage to coincide a Zoom meeting with the only time someone could call, short...


Posted: 19-06-2020

The music of the Kinks enters my mind when I think of the pattern building up between days of the week and style of lingerie and clothing I chose for at distance phone or video sessions. When I return to Escort in-person meets will I be doing the same, I most certainly will be doing the same cam, and...

Diary dates

Posted: 10-06-2020

This is a short announcement which may be added to and expanded, I am excited and a little nervous to announce I am reopening my diary accepting bookings for the middle of July onwards.

If you are a previous, regular or someone who missed a booking with me due to the restrictions please do not hesitate to...