Posted: 25-07-2022

Hot in the City

Recently I realised it is now 6 months since I took the decision to temporarily close my books to new clients, overwhelmed by enquiries I needed to focus on working out a balance and I also was in the midst of redesigning my website. Some of the balance was between online and in-person work, both I find very exciting and I wanted to find a way to make it all work for me - if it works for me it works for you. My books reopened at the beginning of April and recently I have reflected on the great experiences I am having meeting new clients, just as amazing as the clients who have carried on throughout - over many years some even a decade plus.

I know believe I have found that balance, I have a good sense of the days when I will work solely online, the days I will be out there for an Escort booking, and the time I will use to create photos, videos and update my profile. Having Covid-19 for the first time since the start of the pandemic threw a spanner in the works, but in true Ruth style I used this to show me the way. Being unable to go out or have direct contact with others, I could use the time to spend more time online catching up with cam and phone chat clients. It had taken me over 2 years to contract Covid, and I still see online work as a way to minimise my exposure - there are days when I do not have any outside contact. This also means I enjoy the days when I do literally drive into the sun and rain to for an Escort booking. I know I am someone who does not want to do the same thing over and over, even each booking be it in-person or online is different. Sometimes it's pure GFE, sometimes it's a Domme, BDSM or fetish scene. Then I pick up my lights, camera and create a video. I am using my mind and body creatively, and clients provide the stimulation.

Whether you are a new client, current client, long-term client I am always delighted to receive your booking request, or briefing just send me an email or phone me with your specific requirements and as I often explain "If I can make it I will".

Best regards and a big smile

Ruth Strawberryblonde

Posted: 12-06-2022

Reverse Bank Holiday

For quite a while I thought we would have 3 bank holidays in Jubilee week, the Monday, Thursday and Friday then I realised the Monday was moved to the Thursday. To describe the then forthcoming week the term 'reverse bank holiday' came to mind, Easter does involve a Friday but not the Thursday and it felt as if the bank holidays were coming at the end rather than the start of the week. I started to plan days on camera also with in-person bookings in mind. I was brought up anti-royalist but I have always been interested in the Royal family, I don't blot them out I am simply intrigued. Also I have a choice I can join in if I want to, and I can do it my own way. I also like events which lift the mood, and after the last 2 years I think the nation deserved some mood-lifting. The coverage of food laden tables however on day 4 the Sunday, that did trigger a "Come on this is enough now" comment and I just shut down.

Back to my celebration I allowed the Jubilee to influence my choice of dress I ordered white satin gloves from Dents to complete my outfit. I went on a little adventure to retrieve the china tea set hidden in the attic, planning a little tea party which initially did not have any guests. Having received an in-person booking made the evening before I assembled a little collection of sweet treats to accompany afternoon drinks. Whilst preparing I managed to grab a few snaps for my Adultwork gallery, as well as make a little tease video for social media. The cream, shortbread and fancy were not required by my guest who did arrive bearing small but personal gifts, a complete surprise given he had secured his booking only the evening prior and had a long journey to make. He did however enjoy a coffee from my stove-top pot, before moving into a more intimate clinch. Moving into my personal life the day was finished with a very relaxing, and inspiring musical experience in a very appropriate venue.

I continued the Jubilee theme the following day with a similar day outfit and then one of 'those' dresses - sweetheart neckline inspired by the Queen of Hearts herself, worn with Swaroski necklace. I will not deny style! 

Sunday I had a photo and video session planned in to make a personalised package ordered a few days prior, the commission brief used the long green latex dress you will see in my gallery. I had great fun shooting the video, stills and also managed to make a little video for myself and my 3rd ever tik tok. Tik tok is something I have started using both for fun, as well as to potentially showcase my own little productions. These are shot using my mobile phone, so not as sharp as when I use my dedicated Canon. Perhaps you will find my tick tok account, I believe Googling the right words should take you there.

After the end of the long weekend having received great feedback for all my exploits, I was very happy and inspired.

Ruth SB x