Posted: 26-04-2024

Green Shoots have sprung

Spring most certainly has sprung, March and April have been very eventful months exciting, reassuring as well as motivating. I have had a great run of bookings both short and long, although I am finding I seem to attract longer bookings. Equally though I enjoy shorter encounters and as ever I find variation to be the spice of life. Around this I have had 2 photoshoots in a short space of time, the first with a photographer I have worked with for 9 years - this means we have had at least 10 shoots most likely 15. This shoot I aimed to show both my beautiful new emerald green lingerie set, but also a set by Honey Birdette called 'Marilyn', very obviously the design inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately I omitted to pack the Marilyn set, so when opportunity to bring forward a pin-up style shoot arose I jumped at the chance. This second in 6 weeks shoot was at a studio in Manchester, this shoot is in a larger space and includes film noir, boudoir, as well as retro pin-up both cheeky as well as flirty. I also used some of my latex wardrobe incorporating my newest long latex gown, latex corset, and for a little fun a short cheeky latex dress that had until now not been professionally shot. I love the versatility of latex, both colour and style. Photos from both shoots will be used on my website, social media as well as in a few other places - a few are already in my galleries.

Posted: 19-03-2024

A little experience comfort

Part of me is champing at the bit to tell you about the last few weeks, February into March has been a very exciting time indeed. I am however aware in my last blog I started talking about experience and things that can help make the booking go ahead smoothly, so I shall write a little about comfort.

Comfort is I find interesting, I am not infrequently asked by clients "What can I do to make you feel comfortable, relaxed, make the time nice for you?", I am also aware making a good impression is likely the intention for asking what I would like to drink, chocolates and nibbles offered, toys suggested. In truth it's the real basics that lead to me feeling comfortable, I have learned to ask for these things because they are easily for many valid reasons missed in the heat of the moment. When a booking has been secured one of the first questions I ask is about parking and how to identify property number or name, I want to be sure I am at the right door and park in an appropriate place. The next thing I mention is many people do not realise that as a woman I feel a temperature up to 4 degrees lower compared to that experienced by a man, also as an individual I know I am particularly sensitive to the cold - always have been always will. Of course most of us have been brought up to wrap up, turn the heating down, conserve energy if only to keep the bills down. This generally isn't however compatible with lounging around in lingerie or fully naked, when comfortably warm I feel relaxed and very happy to strip off my clothing to get intimate. The next thing is towel and soap in the bathroom, I like to be able to wash my hands and freshen up as and when required. Quite a few people are very tidy, clean towels folded away, used towels placed in the laundry. I will not intrude into cupboards or drawers so have learned mention this when setting up the booking.

As you may hear my comfort is more about being warm and clean than drinks, chocolates, gifts & although if you like the visual aspect of me using toys, if I am with a person who is willing to follow a little guidance I gain far more enjoyment from real live you. This does not mean I do not appreciated the little touches, a scented candle, little music in a warm room is truly delightful but as long as the basics are in place I am already very happy.