Posted: 25-05-2023

Did you see me going?

Many keep asking 'Are you heading south?' those with eagle eyes may have spotted my absence for 3 days recently, this was a last minute personal trip of high importance it also provided me with an opportunity to discover a new-to-me part of the country. For many good reasons this had to be a personal-only trip during which I did not wear a skirt or pair of stockings for a whole 3 days. Those who have seen me when in different areas know I am usually out of area to attend an event, this means packing for a variety of situations it was therefore fairly easy but also different to be packing just for 'my' trip, without having to consider several wardrobes, dress requests plus my Escort essentials. 

What made this last minute trip unforgettable was I found out at short notice that an evening of programmes about my favourite band was scheduled for the night prior to my departure. I do not watch much TV I prefer to spend my time engaging in other activities and hobbies, but for this absolute treat I set aside the night as start of my break - it was indeed a priority. With the majority of my reduced packing completed, an escort booking, videos made and uploaded I chose from my collection of 6 t-shirts to enjoy the evening.

On my return once unpacked and settled it was however very nice to slip into lingerie, stockings, suspenders and a dress for the first booking of my return to the northwest plus a video I made later the same day.

Posted: 08-04-2023

Forms & Formalities

I am typing this in a little spare time created whilst I have a finished personalised video order upload in progress, the sort of thing you can look away from but not leave entirely. One question you may have after reading through my website and various other web presences is "How do I book you?" and "Do you have a booking system or booking form?". The simple answer is please phone, email or SMS text me with the following details;





Any other information eg dress or activity requests

I will check my diary and let you know if this is possible or not, of course if you are new to me do be able to pay the booking deposit by bank transfer or Cashapp.

I should explain that booking forms designed for websites such as this generate an email containing the details entered, the email arrives at my usual email address I read the information.  The problem I have found with having my own booking form is often the notification is diverted into junk mail, I do check junk mail a couple of times each day but this does mean I replies could be delayed, and short notice bookings may not be noticed until too late to make arrangements.

Booking forms on other adultwebsites cannot be synchronised with my own independent diary, my diary can change at the drop of a hat due to cancellation, bookings from other sources, and my ability to log in in a variety of situations. This is why booking calendars on adult websites can never be up-to-date,  also I want to communicate with you first to agree the booking some human contact, and determine compatibility. Perhaps I am old-fashioned but as far as I am concerned details communicated directly to me are enough to create a definite diary entry without having to type this into a form, which then has to be accepted, scheduled.

You may however notice I have installed a booking form for Virtual Services this is to guide anyone who may not be familiar with the details required, ideally however I still like people to phone, email, SMS text their details directly. Clear communication of the length of video, photographs, webcam session or phone chat, with proposed time, date, and any specific information about the session is always absolutely fine. Of course I have found the first few enquiries went straight to junk, which meant I missed the opportunity of a short notice webcam session last week. The person did try to alert me by SMS text, telling me he was trying to book, but did not tell me how or which form he was using. Only on my regular junk mail check the following morning did his message become clear. To be fair I had sent him an informatorily guidance message, so doubly frustrating.

If in doubt you can always phone me my phone is often on quite early often 6am, through until 9pm. If I am going to be busy, wish to have personal time, am in a booking or other non-compatible moment I usually turn my phone off, set my voicemail to advise a better time to phone. You can never get it wrong by giving me the details directly I can then quickly advise on what is or is not possible.

Having allocated my Virtual Services booking form to 'Priority' in email contacts I hope to avoid future missed opportunities, but if you ever do not receive a reply do contact me directly using the phone number and email on this website, or just contact me directly in the first instance. 

I shall now check the progress of the video transfer, 55% uploaded I shall use the remainder of the time to have a mid-afternoon meal.

Best regards