Posted: 21-05-2022

Two years

Almost 2 years since the original date on my tickets the concert happened. For me attending the concert became intensified because of the content of the last 2 years - and the history of the music for me. Unfortunately the date clashed with something else equally as important, a plan had to be laid but I got there and I made sure I made the most of the experience. In the weeks prior I had tracked the tour on Instagram, played both latest and back catalogue CDs in my car on the way to bookings, in part I already knew the show, I even matched my nails to the tour banner colours. I was ready for this I stood up as everyone else did dancing, sometimes singing, sometimes not, waving my arms whilst trying to make sure I didn't trample my newly bought programme and official t-shirt. The journey home uneventful I was still on a high 12, 18 and 24 hours later. An amazing experience I will hold onto.

Posted: 05-04-2022

Now is the time

A few weeks ago even before the clocks spring forward, I felt the season start to shift there was a different quality to the air. This morning as I walked in the dawn I was very aware of the mixture of birdsong, as if the world is coming alive again. After the darkness of winter which often seems as if it will go on forever, there's a spring, summer even autumn to fill before we head back around.

This is also the time I am taking on new Escort clients, ever since I announced I was focusing on current clients and my virtual work I have received many, many requests from people who had never had an Escort booking with me. Some did book a virtual session which allowed them to meet me in a bite-sized way.  I am now taking on new clients and very pleased to be doing so. All my bookings past, present, future are important some become long-term clients, others just want a momentary pause or ray of sunshine. Everyone is different and it's a delight to be able to make a difference in some way. I am looking forward to a summer of mixing Escort, webcam, phone chat sessions with priority going to definite bookings in which ever form.

If you would like to secure your booking, either phone or email with the details from the About Me page these being proposed date, time, duration, location, any specific dress or content requests. This applies to all my services be it virtual or an in-person Escort booking. For the in-person sessions it may be of interest to note I am full vaccinated, boosted and carry out lateral flow tests at least twice per week, I also as far as I can avoid unnecessary contact with different people - working online and being pretty good at avoiding other people in daily activities means I have days when contact with others is very limited. Prepandemic I used to be a regular cold sufferer, so I am very happy with this state of affairs.

In my private life I have a very important gig to look forward too amongst other things, those who know about this will realise I am already incredibly excited - tickets had been held for 2 years due to two lots of 1 year postponing. At last this will happen and I get my yearly dose of the band who are very special to me. This summer is shaping up to be something to enjoy.

Ruth Strawberry