Posted: 31-12-2023

London Called

After my December visit to London I definitely think I need an annual London winter break, this trip was already under threat due to strike action on exactly the date I originally planned to travel. A 6 hour detour around Sheffield was not feasible so I added another night onto my hotel booking, targeting the day prior to travel. This day was a little difficult because I had a regular commitment, and I do not let people down. That day turned out to be momentous trains already being cancelled the day before, an sudden unprecedented deluge of snow centred only a few miles from my base made the journey to the station treacherous. I did get on the train however and was soon headed out of the 'major incident zone', east and then south. After that the journey went smoothly and I lay tucked up in my accommodation too excited to sleep. 

The following day I donned my latex catsuit to attend an alternative market with workshops centred around the BDSM community, this is a regular well organised event in London providing a relaxed accepting atmosphere, opportunity to meet like-minded people, as well as make purchases from specialist vendors, craftspeople and stockists. I thoroughly enjoyed this event as much as I did wearing my catsuit for 6 hours including travel on the Tube. Whenever I am in London I am always struck by the availability, affordability, and ease of public transport. No more waiting on cold, windswept platforms hoping the once every 2 hours train is not cancelled nor late.

The day following this event I awoke to notice red lines on my arms near my elbows. Prior to this event I had only ever worn my long sleeved catsuit for 3 hours, it seems 6 hours of shopping, talking, travelling, listening led to the wrinkles that form in the skin tight latex at elbows and to some extent shoulders was enough to leave marks for a day or two.

The remainder of my week in London was a mix of bookings with clients both regular and new, being able to take phone chats at different hours, walks around the local area discovering a park, a gym I trained at daily, meeting with someone 'famousish' I follow and interact with on X (Twitter), followed by personal time shopping on Tottenham Court Road, a wonderful relaxed Lebanese meal, my first time on a 'club' then journey home in a car.

Although fraught at various point not least the literal escape from the winter blast, I definitely enjoyed the break including making real-life contacts whilst enjoying the contrast in environment. I always like being at my home base, but also like the excitement and facilities of the city.

London I shall return, but I do not yet know when.

Posted: 15-11-2023

I love it when a plan comes together

John Hannibal Smith of the A-team was noted to say "I love it when a plan comes together". I have just had an enlightening phone chat conversation that turned into a 'accompany Ruth as she choses the clothing for your booking', although initially I felt a little anxiety because the booking is very close and the request a surprise, I now have my outfit chosen and I was able to touch and feel the items as I described them to the caller. I am hoping he has gone away now dreaming of what I shall wear, I am certainly smiling very excited myself looking forward to the treat of wearing the new dress for him for the first time.

One 'problem' I do have is I have a large collection of clothes, stockings, lingerie I also like to co-ordinate make-up, jewellery and shoes. These things are stored in a couple of rooms, and a couple of rooms elsewhere. When I receive a dress-request I start to think about everything I have available, which is most suitable, where will I find it, which dress will fit best with the lingerie or vice-versa. Some lingerie and outer wear do not work together, do not create a flattering or sexy look, others just slip onto each other perfectly. Also what is the weather doing, do I need to travel far, is the outfit compatible with driving. I will never drive in stilettos so they will be carried in a bag, but also need to choose flat shoes or boots for the journey. The planning goes on to colours and tones for my make-up and jewellery. Have I mentioned stockings, the right length, style, colour, I may even wear a form of tights depending on the particular client. Coat, scarf, sometimes gloves to complete. If this is a BDSM & Kink booking I may have a request for PVC, leather or latex I decide on the items I can travel in, equipment, care solutions & cloths, what I may wear to maintain discretion for example revealing a latex catsuit could attract attention at the fuel pump. I also may wish to change into something more comfortable after the booking.

As I explained this morning I am very happy to go to this trouble, I have so many nice items to wear that I enjoy wearing. The anxiety and frustration comes from the thought of missing out because I did not have time to find or gather the outfit together, to create the look - I truly enjoy this process as much as the smile on your face.

Clothing requests are not compulsory you can just leave it to me but I do invite you to let me have your preferences when you make your booking, one week ahead if you have booked months in advance or perhaps you may book your own 'choose with me' call.

I must go now as I explained to my caller I have a busy, enjoyable day ahead.

Ruth Strawberry x