Posted: 13-09-2023

Raincoats And French letters - Condoms part three

Having applied the condom correctly as described in part two, everything is ready to partake in intercourse in this part of the series I wish to discuss safety in performance. In order to minimise all STI risks to the lowest possible, some people do use condoms for oral sex a dental or oral dam for providing oral to women. If this is the case then the condom needs to be changed before engaging in intercourse.

Over time with experience I found the following common factors present when condom splits occured;

Condom pulled tightly over the glans (head) of the penis

Lack of lubrication

Hard thrusting 

Exit and re-entry on each stroke 

I covered the first in part two lubrication can be provided by a water based lubricant my preference being Liquid Silk, I also use Love Honey and Bondara's own branded water based lubricants. Lubricants with flavour or added zing can be pleasant to irritating, so I tend to stick to tried and tested basics. It may also be worth knowing a woman's lubrication comes from inside her vagina, parting her labia gently with your fingers may reveal lubrication but please do check before you go delving, this is a delicate area for women and a jagged nail can cause distress as can a rough unlubricated finger. Do be aware oils including massage oils and petroleum jelly for example vaseline, weaken latex as well as some non-latex condoms.

During intercourse enjoy yourself of course but try to avoid the porn-star style exit and reentry, this really is not compatible with condom durability. Do be aware that condoms can sometimes almost come off with sudden withdrawl, something to be aware of for example when changing position. Another risk point is immediately after ejaculation, continuing to thrust after ejaculation can force the fluid down towards the base. Condoms with a ring base are not a total seal particularly if the penis is softening, the condom can become loose and fluid leak out. Pasante Unique condoms do not have a ring at the base,  particular care needs to be applied with these condoms - I recommend withdrawl much sooner than for standard condoms holding on to the base until the penis is clear of the genital area. Once withdrawn unroll a standard condom from the base, carefully peel off a Pasante Unique I like to knot condoms like a balloon, place in a small plastic bag s long with the packet and any wipes used before placing in a bin. I like to wipe excess fluid away with either a clean towel, or water wipes. Please do not flush condoms down the toilet, condoms cause challenges for both water treatment works and waterways so always best to discard into the bin.

I may add to and edit this entry when I have a reread, but for now I hope this series has been interesting and educational where ever needed.

Posted: 10-07-2023

Raincoats and French Letters - Condoms part two

After selecting what seems to be the most appropriate condom, the next step is application. The following applies to standard condoms only, Pasante Unique are an exception they have their own aptly unique application method.

1. Open the packet, easier said than done if hands are sticky - if you cannot grip the packet wipe hands on a towel or dry tissue.

2. Make sure the condom is the 'right way up' if contact is made between penis and the wrong side (inside) I discard and start again. I look for the 'wrinkles' in the rolled up part, lack of wrinkles usually means it's the wrong side up, or pop over finger end just to test the roll without unrolling more than 2mm. 

3. Place the condom on the head (glans or end) of the penis. Holding the teat with one hand roll the condom down the erect penis with the other hand until it is fully unrolled. I imagine moving my hands away from each other. Always make sure the teat is empty, this allows the condom to move without excess strain. In my experience pulling the condom tight over the head of the penis is associated with condom splitting.

Things to avoid; Ballooning, pulling the condom tight over the head, contact with sharp or jagged fingernails/metal zips/sharp objects, contact with mineral oils eg massage oil, baby oil, vaseline these can degrade and weaken both latex and some latex substitutes. Ballooning means expanding the condom using breath or excessive stretching to encompass the penis. Instead try a larger condom or very minimal gently stretching the ring always aiming to roll where possible.

Pasante Unique instructions.

Pasante Unique are quite different to standard condoms, if you try to roll them as above the condom will pull on the skin of the penis causing distress to the wearer (I know this from my first attempt on a willing, unbiased non-booking volunteer). 

1. Pasante Unique are wrapped in Gauze inside a packet of 3 condoms, open the flap of the packet carefully extract one gauze wrapped condom.

2. Carefully unwrap and remove the gauze, you should have a sideways flattened circle of crinkly condom in your hand. Making sure the green 'Penis this side' sticker is facing upwards towards your face open the condom very slightly - just pull a mm or two to the side.

3. Place the flat slightly widened condom onto the head of the penis

4. Mould the condom to the skin of the penis as you pull it down the shaft, the condom will adhere to the skin. Although once again do not pull tight over the head, the condom end fits without the obvious teat of a standard condom. Smooth the sides of the condom to the penis.

Oils do not affect the performance of Pasante Unique but because I carry a mix of condom types I use the same lubricant for all condoms. Far simpler and avoids mistakes.

This condom does not have a base ring which may cause concern, specific safety considerations will be covered in the next blog.

Ruth Strawberry