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Cawdel how do you like yours

Posted: 29-10-2019

Mine is strong, black and velvety I am admittedly obsessed with coffee, I have several methods of preparation including a stove-top espresso maker, stainless steel cafetiere, pod machine as well as my own portable pot of instant for trips away from home. The espresso and cafetiere use ground coffee, recently I was lucky enough to try Kopi Luwack (KL)...

Toys Toys Toys?

Posted: 10-10-2019

When thinking about a title for this blog I considered a play on ‘Toys R Us’ then suddenly I was reminded of Sabrina’s song from the 1980s about men (Boys, Boys, Boys) released around the time I was becoming a teenager and very interested in the opposite sex.

Not too long ago I walked into a...