Posted: 26-06-2020

I just called to say

I love you

No you didn’t.

This is a post made humorously after an anxious couple of days, I know I have missed a few calls not only because they have occured whilst I have been otherwise engaged – yes I manage to coincide a Zoom meeting with the only time someone could call, short meditation session the second day they tried, then a 20 minute fitness class on the day of their third attempt. Remainder of the day I was available to take their call. A faulty telephone mast locally has also been interfering with the ability to accept phone calls, sure SMS text and email have been ok if a bit delayed, but my preferred method of contact unless already familiar and don’t need anything more than a ‘Can we arrange a [insert duration, time, date, location, type] session for 1pm Ruth?’, tends to be a telephone call. Whilst I have done my best to connect to WIFI whereever possible, locate myself in positions better for phone signal, disengage and re-engage my handset I have missed a couple and another couple of enquiry calls only rang out once or twice cut off as the signal changed to SOS.

Fingers crossed everything is fixed and stable again.

If you have not been able to get through I have my phone on much of the day 7am-10pm most days, do not hesitate to call.

Incase you haven’t spotted it 07849 574668 is my number, unless I know you very well and we are what I call ‘on the same page’ please phone rather than send an SMS text.

Here’s to a steady signal and less eventful remainder of the week and weekend.

In other news dresses arrived today for a little fantasy, plumbing at home has been cleared, potential mechanical issues with a vehicle dismissed, and I am feeling relaxed for the week ahead.