Posted: 18-09-2019

Your first conversation with Ruth

I am always surprised and flattered when I hear someone has enjoyed my blog, finding it very entertaining as well as informative – which is really encouraging thank you for that. I find it useful reflection crystallising out my thoughts and feelings, often clarifying my strengths and revealing areas for focus. I am open to suggestion for topics if there’s anything you would like me to write about.

As a new client making your first booking may be quite daunting, I understand it is something you have never done before so aim to provide as much support as possible to guide you on your way. My adverts and this website are designed to provide the information you need to decide whether I’m the Escort for you, answer a few questions as well as explain how to make a booking. When you make contact with me I always take time to explain everything required, however I am finding myself coming away from some conversations feeling as if this willingness and understanding is being taken advantage of. For example a few people are making bookings without having a venue, time or duration, others fully aware a deposit is required providing details then saying they can pay the deposit next week.

The main frustration come from knowing that some of these enquiries do turn out to be really nice bookings, also much of my enjoyment comes from seeing a variety of clients. However I do need you to help me in this process, and believe it or not even with years of Escorting under my belt, I still get apprehensive before a booking – it’s all part of the excitement which keeps me continuing even when I’ve had opportunity to move on.