Posted: 04-08-2021


When I first started out as an Escort I received many enquiries asking about my specialism, at the time I felt confused because I did what I did – whatever came naturally. I learned that for some kissing was considered an ‘extra’ and that my approach of starting off fully dressed with option to chat, kiss, cuddle was known as GFE (girlfriend experience). As time went on GFE became my speciality.

Roll on quite a long time and I have developed quite a few specialities, not least the RHT and FF stockings which arrived today. When enquiries about nylons arrive sometimes it’s simply modern stockings and suspenders which are intended, I initially disliked the wrinkles and scratchiness of old fashioned without lycra stockings. However now understand these when fitted properly feel absolutely silky soft on the skin, with a gossamer like appearance on the skin. Today I received a parcel to add to my RHT and FF collection, a selection of different colours from Gio. I now have red, red with black contrast top, navy, cream and plum to choose from as well as standard nude, barely black and black. I really look forward to sharing these both via webcam and in person with those who have an appreciation for the look and feel of pre-modern fabric