Posted: 03-06-2019

Return to Land of Hope and Glory

The wanderer returns after my brief trip and break away, for my own privacy I don’t want to give too much detail apart from the say the trip was very successful in many ways. Not least providing both excitement, triumph as well as important relaxation time. I have come back feeling distinctly changed and ready to turn my focus onto some important parts of my life – including my Escort bookings. One change is that I am now able to start accept bookings which include (only if you request it) meals, my dietary commitments have meant that over the last 3 – 4 years and even further back than this I’ve had to turn down a lot of dinner date or overnight-with-meals requests. I still have similar goals and commitments I won’t be dining out every day or even several times a week, but I can now be a little more relaxed in that department.

My usual range of bookings from straight 1 hour through 90 minutes, 2 and 3 hour bookings are still just the same as usual.

I also arrived home to find my most recent order of Pleasure State lingerie waiting for me, a peek into the box today reveals knicker and bra sets far exceeding my expectations. Absolutely beautiful delicate cream and black lace, finished with black satin trims. One bra is soft cup, the other padded plunge who will see them first? I also think they are going to feature in my forth coming photoshoots of which I have one with each of 2 styles of photographers – Phil the freshman, and the lady who makes me look so glamorous fine-art boudoir style. Hope you enjoy the lingerie and photographs.

Warmest wishes
Ruth x