Posted: 05-02-2022

It’s here

At long last the new website is here, I am so excited and wish to thank all who have collaborated with me to bring this. In making this website I asked current clients for their own words, the quotes and keywords are exactly the responses I received. So a big thank you for your contribution, it really means a lot. 

I hope you enjoy my website, and keep an eye on it for the latest updates.

Another leap was taken this week in purchasing a new all whistles and bells, up-to-spec laptop specifically for webcamming. The super-fast processor, graphics card, plenty of unused memory will make a huge difference to my performance and your experience.

Currently I am taking Escort bookings for 15th February onwards, but I can be available for virtual webcam, phone chat, SMS or email sessions most days until then. Just get in touch by telephone call or email with any enquiries.

All the best

Ruth Strawberry