Posted: 13-10-2014

I am pleased to post

…… new photos which can be found on my ‘Photos’ page(yes the name is a bit of a clue I know) and yes from the feedback I’ve received these are the ones that truly show me off to my best. For years I’d received complaints that I wasn’t representing myself properly, and finally I am there. A certain person out there is now happy, and he knows who he is!

I am also pleased to post that from next week I should have Tuesdays available once again, and I know this will make one or two other people happy. This is however may be at the cost of some or all of Monday but I’m just going to have to see how things work out.

Whilst I’m currently mostly only seeing clients I’ve had at least one booking with, I have had a couple of guys contact me asking for a booking, who have then gone on to say they had previously seen me some years ago. Please do note I need at least a name and something concrete such as previous contact details used so I can confirm you have seen me previously. I’m afraid that “I’m the one with dark hair and a cheeky smile, from x-large town” really isn’t usually enough for me to recognise you and I’m also not interested in playing “guess the who I am”. Similarly contact asking for short-notice appointments very late at night, or without proper details such as name, time and duration doesn’t feel like it’s coming from someone who I have ever arranged a booking with. As always enquiries which are succinct, relevant and specific are guaranteed to get my attention. During the last few weeks I have however met 2 new clients and the reason I did so was because they were both able to get straight to the point, commit to a definite time and booking length, providing all the details I required within a couple of emails, confirmed as requested, booking went ahead and both of us had a great time, everyone happy!

Never say never,

Ruth x