Posted: 01-11-2021


Since my last blog I have had a series of experiences, one of which was definitely a ‘once in a lifetime’ very much a treat and great value because those couple of days will stay with me for a long time. I only have to think back to the entrance, the welcome, conjure up the images to automatically feel calm, excited, pride and extremely smiley.

A few weeks later an event in a similar in some ways, but different location also placed several big smiles on my face as well as provide the ‘see you at Midnight dress’ photograph.

Since England opened up I have chosen events to attend very carefully on either importance, once-in-a-lifetime, ability to stay distant or of great benefit status, some have combined all 3 criteria. Going to the cinema does not qualify, neither does hanging around in pubs or clubs (and I do love to dance even if I cannot and do not drink alcohol).

I questioned myself about a photoshoot a few weeks ago, nothing to do with contagious virus all to do with the effort, travel, money, vanity. Once I was there I knew I had made the right choice. Attending a photoshoot with the right photographer pushes me, and this time was no exception. I took along some items to wear which I had kept in their box for over 6 months, yes I had told people about them, but requests were always for those in my galleries. Well since posting the red skirt photo here, and lined stockings in both public (free) and private gallery on my Adultwork profile here I have received instant requests for that very look. Without that push I would still be looking whistfully and not venturing forth. I enjoy the other style of photography as an opportunity to be creative from a different perspective, both are motivational and I enjoy sharing the images. I do have more to upload, so keep an eye out.

The eagle-eyed of you will have noticed I was able to offer a booking during a visit to Manchester recently, currently there is a likely chance I will repeat this in the third week of January. As previously I should have time for 1 booking in the afternoon shortly after my arrival, then the following morning with option for the afternoon – this can be incall or outcall. I will post exact dates once I have them, and or closer to the time. Last time I was able to come to a very mutually agreeable arrangement which gave someone chance to live out very pleasurable fantasy, or was that both of us? On the topic of roaming I am often asked to let people know if I am in this area or that, although I do try to make a record of these requests it can become quite difficult especially as dates/times/locations may not suit each request’s requirements. I do ask that you keep an eye on this blog, as well as the Availability page of this website and the Bookings section on my Adultwork profile here. These are all places in which I will write-up notifications of any out of area visits. If you spot something which may suit you, get in touch providing the usual details (being time, date, incall or outcall/location and choice of deposit method from the ones listed). This sort of detail is greatly appreciated and responded to as quickly as possible.

Really nice to be back typing again, this is something I have not given enough time for some time.

Signing off with a smile