Posted: 01-07-2019

English Summer days

Summer is more or less here which means the shorts have come out, on the way to Liverpool last week I suddenly had a flash of inspiration and decided to use a pair of denim hotpant style shorts in my photoshoot. Remembering a childhood favourite programme suddenly Daisy Duke became the theme so watch out for a video and some photos in the next few weeks or so.

My Liverpool trip was extremely enjoyable I combined personal life, study, some quick sightseeing, a few Escort bookings, my usual training regime and of course the photoshoot. Everyone I met was so friendly which will encourage me to revisit, just exactly when I am not sure. My next trip is to the outskirts of Manchester for which just like Liverpool I am able to offer a few Escort bookings during my stay, these trips may bring me closer to you for outcall or allow you to visit me incall. Either way I do not mind just get in touch with your requirements, and I will let you know what is possible. I do require a deposit for all bookings on these trips, options are into my bank account or by Amazon gift card – all details provided by request. Also if you are new to me I will at some point require a phone call, just to hear your voice before we confirm on the day.

Later this year I am aiming to be available in North London towards the end of November/beginning of December, this trip is still in the planning phase however if you are interested please once again don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I mentioned my training regime in my Liverpool trip although I am always training partly because I enjoy it so much, partly because I need to keep my figure trim I now have the ability to have the occasional meal out – which means dinner dates and overnights involving some meals are now available. This started with a client taking the opportunity to cook for me last week which after many years of regular bookings was something he had wanted to do for a while, and just added that little bit of something different to our meeting. I had to smile when at the end of the evening I was given a punnet of strawberries to enjoy when I got home.

Strawberries for Strawberry.

My new video Daisy Dukes has been added to the video page, it was great fun to make and see the finished sequence – I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did making it for you.