Posted: 11-03-2020

CoronaVirus COVID - 19

My next blog was to be about my two viewings of the film ‘1917’ or as I like to fondly name it ‘One Hundred and Three Years Ago’, however as I am sure something else is currently taking over the world in a huge way.

Without wanting to create or add to the anxiety surrounding the novel outbreak, I feel it is important to state my position. I am very pleased that I chose to bring myself out of the extreme training and conditioning I acheived over the last few years, because I know if this outbreak had come at a different time my body would have had very few resources to deal with it. Having gained 9 kgs yes 9kgs is 20lbs in old money and having not ballooned, realised I must have been slighter than I thought everything is all go again bits of me have awoken and are firing on all cylinders. Although I am now in rude health I do have someone in my life who by age and another factor whether they accept it or not do fall into a higher risk category than a woman in her mid 40s, I also feel a sense of responsibility towards anyone I have close contact with. The same responsibility which ensures full sexual health screenings at regular intervals as advised by healthcare workers, an annual flu vaccination, private purchase and completion of the HPV course of vaccination and the complete exclusion of unprotected intercourse in any part of my life for many years.

Of course when I am intimate with anyone there is risk, however like many other people in a range of professions I cannot put my life on hold based on so many unknowns. All I can do is be aware and carry on until guidance tells me otherwise. I already only receive a limited number of bookings per week, often days sometimes several go by without any intimate contact with the outside world. My biggest risk I would say are non-sex work commitments and they are also few and far between, living semi-rural means a lot of the services I access are done so remotely including much of my own self-care.

I do have a few days coming up in the big smoke during which I aim to use a cab from the station, which is often dictacted by my luggage which gets trapped in Tube turnstiles. Then pretty much keep to myself apart from the few bookings I accept around a bit of sight seeing and using the gym (probably my highest risk activity!). I have my own little handspray made from essential oils mixed with alcohol and aloe, some of which are supposedly anti-viral in nature. As a contact lens and make-up wearer who has suffered with allergies and conjunctivities some years ago, I avoid touching my eyes and mouth without washing my hands.

When I arrive outcall I almost always request use of bathroom on arrival for a quick freshen up, starting a few days ago I will now always wash my hands before embracing you and am asking any one who visits me to do the same – offering a clean towel and soap on arrival. Whilst this may be futile I consider it the least I can do, if it in any way slows down the spread, then it’s worth it and it’s also good practice long term. Outside of bookings I am very aware of surfaces I am touching for example door handles, buttons and screens. All we can do is look after each other, and do our best. In order to avoid what may be a peak-demand period on the health service I have booked in for a sexual health screen, meaning I can relax a little with one less reason to visit healthcare sites until the situation becomes clearer – basically planning ahead and a little peace of mind with the things I can control.