Posted: 15-05-2020

An online surprise

About ten years ago a personal life partner suggested we could become performers in order to fulfil my adventurous side, that slightly naughty bit of me at the time I couldn’t envisage it and dismissed it immediately. Now at the end of my first month of setting up and engaging in both webcam, and that other scary activity ‘phone chat’ sessions I certainly do feel rather accomplished. I have learned a little of different software packages, webcams and lights. Since recovering my humour and general health after the rigours I put myself through pursuing a goal in another part of my life I am having a little fun with toys again, and of course these current times mean that this is the closest I can get to actually engaging with another person. Sometimes it feels like a little window, sometimes I feel a little pressure but I am starting to really come out of myself, and it is definitely adding plenty of excitement.

Very similar to actual in-person bookings I get ready, make up, jewelry, hair just right, lingerie, dress and shoes chosen. I switch on, log in, get the platforms engaged, lights on, make sure the camera is at the right angle – then I wait. Waiting in a webcam ‘room’ for Pay as you Go visitors is a little like waiting for a bus, if you look they never come. So what do I do I read, I browse websites and social media, I write a blog, answer emails and telephone enquiries, leave feedback for those who have used the facility or start on some coursework for my latest ‘module’ of course. What sort of things to I read well my interests lie in the psychology, holistic health, science, legal, sex workers rights, and a few specific struggles people tend to have. Bundled into this is an interest in kink, sexuality, minorities, fairness, discrimination ability and ethics. I am currently working through a module which covers at least 3 of these right now. Finally I read other Escort blogs and communicate via a few online forums.

Napping or turning on a youtube or podcast always seems to bring that ‘hello there’ ping. Of course pre-booked sessions are more definite, a definite appointment a set time we have both agreed. Very much like previous experience with in person bookings I do experience apprehension, as I do with just about anything and everything I do in my life. I know this is just me, so I don’t read anything more into it. I do know I come away with a buzz, not the same as in-person just slightly different.

As we move forward into potential resumption of physical-presence bookings whenever that will be, I do so knowing I can cam and mix the two. In this way I can be flexible with my time, stay safe as well as see clients who might not be able to make a physical booking. An exciting development in quite difficult times, but I would not have tried if this hadn’t happened or at least not so soon.