Posted: 12-11-2017

A quick update on my focus

Success means I’m not staying small and lean for another 2 – 3 week, after which I’ll be able to once again offer occasional dinner date and bookings involving meals. I say occasional because I have a plan, also discretion and my own privacy mean I’m not in local eateries with different clients every week.

I’ve really enjoyed getting into such top shape this year, and being a slightly smaller than a size 8,but come last week on November it’s time to recover a bit.

In December I have some great social occasions to look forwards to, and January there’ll be a trip to Manchester. During this trip I’ll be having some more photos taken for this website, meeting with a few other ladies and also able to offer one or two bookings in the city during my stay. If you are interested and can truly be flexible, please get in touch via the usual methods (phone call, email or if I know you well and you use the same number as previously then text message).

Looking forward to more excitement and things to come.
Best regards