When I first started out as an Escort I received many enquiries asking about my specialism, at the time I felt confused because I did what I did – whatever came naturally. I learned that for some kissing was considered an ‘extra’ and that my approach of starting off fully dressed with option to chat, kiss, cuddle was known as GFE (girlfriend experience). As time went on GFE became my speciality.

Roll on quite a long time and I have developed quite a few specialities, not least the RHT and FF stockings which arrived today. When enquiries about nylons arrive sometimes it’s simply modern stockings and suspenders which are intended, I initially disliked the wrinkles and scratchiness of old fashioned without lycra stockings. However now understand these when fitted properly feel absolutely silky soft on the skin, with a gossamer like appearance on the skin. Today I received a parcel to add to my RHT and FF collection, a selection of different colours from Gio. I now have red, red with black contrast top, navy, cream and plum to choose from as well as standard nude, barely black and black. I really look forward to sharing these both via webcam and in person with those who have an appreciation for the look and feel of pre-modern fabrics.

A tale of many films

As a few of you know the pandemic has not been a Netflix fest for everyone, certainly not me as I adapted to online ways of working. Many of my hobbies also transferred themselves online, and my free time was well and truly much reduced. I have to make an effort to make time to watch television, recently I have watched 4 films. One was a rerun for me watched with someone who had not seen it previously, another was completely new to me, the third was mentioned by a colleague of a friend, the 4th just popped up looked interesting on Netflix.

The first was Twelve Monkeys, I remember watching this at the cinema when it was released in the late 90s. At the time it received much applaud, and over 20 years on during a pandemic the story has great relevance not to mention frequent views of Bruce Willis back as he is frequently scrubbed clean during decontamination procedures.

The second Fight Club recommended by a client, two scenes in suddenly I recognised a nickname I had seen on a webcam platform – they have left me a review so this name is not a secret.

The third Rocket Man which is absolutely splendid, sad, heart warming and a great celebration of an incredible talent.

The fourth I watched only last night Burlesque, sexy, talented towards the end I explained ‘Christine Aguilera is simply being Christina Aguilera’. Lovely film to relax and enjoy the sparkles, love story and against the odds tale.

Currently I am part-way through Before Sunrise, another client recommendation and very enjoyable. A pure love story which contains so much chemistry, it is erotic without the characters even taking their clothes off. A look, a kiss. Takes me back 30 years, to a love I lost but still hold dear in my heart. That yearning excitement is as far as I am concerned as exciting as sex itself, I will never forget and the memory is a reminder of the power of feeling two people can have for each other.

In the next few weeks I have a few events which alter my availability, firstly I have great availability for outcalls 2nd-8th August inclusive (that means 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th). During this time I also have with notice, good availability for private webcam using Skype or Whatsapp. I will not however be able to stream using Streamate and my time on Adultwork direct cam may be limited (but do check with me if you wish to have an adultwork cam session). I am also available every day for phone chat either through Adultwork, niteFlirt or private arrangement.

I would like to remind that I can only discuss private webcam or phone chats using my own hotmail email address, or on my own telephone number. A few people but not many do send messages within the Adultwork email system asking for alternatives, but I can only ever answer with a referral to Adultwork direct cam or direct chat.

Remember direct contact I prefer phone me, email me I will respond as soon as possible. Finally when emailing me, do check your junk box as I do too, quite a few replies can end up in there.

All the best and happy watching
Ruth x

Avoiding tears and tears

When I first tried latex a few years ago at a client’s request I really did not like the feeling of pressure on my skin, it is only in the last year or so that I have started to realise a true fetish, I have discovered another passion expanding my latex collection. The little latex seems to have grown, I hope you enjoy the photos of me wearing Vertigo catsuit, and some of the other items I took to a recent photoshoot. I have really enjoyed wearing latex for webcam sessions, and am looking forward to more face-to-face bookings clad in latex. This blog is intended to provide some information about the ins and outs of wearing latex.

Firstly the cost and effort choosing a latex garment, the colour, fit, style and size is only the first step, a lot of care is involved to avoid damaging the item as well correct fitting and bringing to the glorious polish you see in my photos. Latex garments are often made to order they are certainly made to fit like a second skin, however they are both thick and at the same time delicate. In order to slide in dressing aid is required this is basically a lubricant fluid, after a little experimentation I have found application inside the garment works better than application on the skin. Also removal of jewelry watches, bracelets, finger rings is advisable to prevent snagging or tearing. Sliding on takes time because grabbing, or pulling could result in tears and tears! Zips are often difficult to grip when hands have been in contact with dressing aid, which is essentially a lubricant. Zips passing around the genital area for example the all around Vertigo catsuit zip, may require an assistant to avoid trapping skin which is a real hazard.

Once in a wriggle to get the garment seating around the body’s curves, is followed with shine spray or lotion to bring up the shine and remove finger prints polished with a soft cloth to result in the very attractive high shine finish.

After wear the garments require careful removal to avoid damage to the fabric, if worn for a significant period of time a rinse in cleaner, drying inside and out before application of baby powder inside and shiner on the outside. After this I carefully fold flat, wrap in tissue paper for storage in a cool dark place.

As I am sure you now realise the stunning effect, does take quite a bit of time and effort. To reflect this all latex webcam bookings are subject to an extra £15 charge, and need to be made with enough time for me to change. For Escort bookings subject to notice I am happy to wear latex for regular clients I already know quite well. If this is outcall I do require a short amount of time to get into the latex garments which I will bring with me in a bag. Whilst I will make allowances for this you will need to be aware at least some of this time may be part of the time you book. If you are visiting me I will change into the latex before our booking popping other clothing on over the top to welcome you. If you are a new client or someone I am not familiar with I require an extra £20 added onto your booking deposit.

My latex collection extends further than the photos in my gallery, but I do not have everything for example I do not have any hoods and not sure I will because I am not sure how that will work with my hair!

I am really looking forward to plenty of fun

Best regards

Green shoots of spring

The Green shoots of spring seemed to start with my first dose of Covid-19 vaccine now 5 weeks ago, very timely it seemed discovering myself eligible ahead of my age group and health status with enough time to enable cover before my London trip. The reason for attending an event in London confirmed a week or so before I discovered eligibility for the vaccine, as valid under current restrictions. Having paid a fee of many hundreds to attend, hotel booked, I finally booked train tickets.

London became a very relaxing trip, very enjoyable because despite my apprehension I found the enforced break in my routine, unable to do many of the things I fill my time with – greatly refreshing. I now understand why trips away are important for many people.

Having received the first dose of vaccine and gone through a day or two of side effects, this does not mean I will be dropping my practices adopted in 2020. In the past I have in the midst of throws of passion, encountered diesel, cigarette, other traces of life on fingers placed in my mouth and other places. I am therefore aiming to continue the ‘please wash hands on arrival’ when hosting, and doing the same when I arrive at yours. Only polite. The 1 Escort booking per 2 days still applies until at least 3 weeks after my second dose. I still wish to keep chances of ‘testing the vaccine’ to a minimum. Also I have really enjoyed being free of colds, and wish to keep this status for as long as possible. Although I will be off to the gym as soon as possible, I do not envisage rushing into pubs, restaurants, gigs anytime soon.

On my return home from London I went straight to hand-wash, strip, shower, mouthwash even thought I had not snogged anyone on the train. It makes me feel better, so I do it.

Forward, backwards, sideways

All directions from one centre describes this past month, even the past year very well. So there I was with Sweet Ruth then thanks to a pandemic I turned to the online services world, in the meantime my fetish and kink side started to emerge.

This week I have received delivery of a few items more items to add to my latex wardrobe, having realised an item bought towards the end of last year requires repair after only one wear I decided I needed a few more options to keep me covered for fetish requests. The manufacturer of the item which has let me down assures me they can fix this very quickly on return, having written the required covering letter a piece of latex will shortly be winging it’s way to the capital.

The fetish leather, kink and latex themed photoshoot booked for mid-March has now been postponed by a month to mid-April, in the meantime if I can I will try to grab some shots myself around webcam bookings.

Speaking of London my planned visit end of March has been validated for travel and attendance. For the first time in over a year I will board a train and head out of the North West. I am reassured the venue has strict procedures in place, and by then I may have received something which will provide myself with protection.

Seems I need to book some train tickets!


Missing in action, of course not!

January has flown by I am very good at filling my time, and find motivation from colleagues – colleagues definined as others involved in the same interests, work or hobbies. The end of December through to early January is also a collective celebratory period for me, and of course the end of January deadline.

I have also been topping up my knowledge in other areas of my life, via at least 3 no 4, no 5 educational type events.

In the last few week motivation came along from another online colleague, suddenly I am off again taking a leap learning how to use a new system, develop and improve my online activities via Streamate. Streamate was recommended to me when I first started using webcam, however I stumbled a little when photos required to set up the account were rejected. I already had Adultwork and Vivastreet systems in place, so focused on those. Recently however there have been a few glitches and I felt I could be doing a little better. Once again steep learning curve which has used the skills and experience already gained, as well as provide much more enjoyment. More toys have been ordered to spice up the experience, which is providing me with some amusement and fascination. I have also invested in a wireless keyboard, to roam around so I do not have to lean foward when typing for those who are unable to turn on their sound.

So far feedback has been very good, it would appear my northern English tones are quite popular, as is my smile and bouncy hair. That’s before getting to other delights.

Speaking of hair I have been giving my hair a little snip, my last trim was mid-December so time the ends were tidied. I have also put my CND nail kit into action, applying my third ever set of Shellac nails. Both hair and nails are services I prefer to leave to professionals, but for now I will have to do my own which requires attention, focus and patience.

I still hope to attend my educational event in London in March, everything is booked apart from train tickets. The time table past 6th March is subject to change, so I am going to have to wait a little longer rather than risk calls to change. A photoshoot is also booked for mid-March closer to home, fingers crossed this can go ahead. In the meantime I continue to add to galleries both here and on Adultwork from my own camera.

Ruth x

Flipping the switch

Something someone pointed out a few days ago has me very intrigued, I was told I am a switch – something I had never considered before.

As you will notice from this website I have for many years offered what I call a GFE (girlfriend experience), I use this to differentiate from a porn-star style expectation. This does not mean I do not have very hot, steamy sessions, however it does mean I am able to offer talk, kissing, cuddling on the sofa as well as a 2-way experience. Almost always I find something to talk about, some common ground.

For quite a few years however with encouragement from a couple of trusted people, I have been coached and coaxed into a variety of fetishes as well as providing CP. Trust, knowledge and understanding I have found to be key, and in the last year or so I have started to offer this to clients who are willing, interested and to some extent experienced or at least have some knowledge of the activities to be engaged in.

In order to carry these out I have to be in more of a directive, dominant role. Whilst I will not yet say I am ‘dom’, I know there has to be a change in me, in my tone, a different role to step into. For this reason I am calling myself a mild switch – this means I can dom, I can also sub but I will not go to the extreme of either. I also do not take either lightly, and I have my own boundaries. The right consideration and encouragement does however go a long way, very much appreciated.

For the next few days I will be researching a new purchase, once again for a client who has decided to go a little bit further. I look forward to introducing something new to us both.

The scent of perfume

The photoshoot went ahead as planned, as always I came away feeling boosted and motivated. Not least to organise my burgeoning stocking and lingerie collection. Without making a sweeping gender generalisation, I find female photographers help develop my sense of style whereas male photographers a fun clearer side. I may however be proven wrong, and in the spring all being well hope to have a shoot with the opposite gender as part of my London visit. London did I say London, and yes exactly the same dates give or take one day as this year. Will I jinx the nation once again, have I been too hasty? But a training course I really need to attend has arisen, so I have put my money down booked the course, booked accommodation but not yet looked at train times.

One sense photographs as well as online sessions cannot communicate is aroma and smell, even if that is simply the smell of me or you (AN other person), plus of course taste which goes so hand in hand with the sense of smell.

For me smells, perfumes, aromas are mood inducing. I really am sensitive to the smell of different seasons, especially during seasons of change such as autumn or spring. Application of perfume influences my mood, sometimes I match perfume to my mood, sometimes I use it to create the mood. It is no surprise that aromatherapy has become something I have become interested in in the last few years. Yes I am one of those people with a little drawer of essential oils who uses sweet almond or calendula instead of baby oil. A willing volunteer even agreed to let me use one of my own concoctions not too long ago, both of use really liked it and I used the remainder on my own skin for days afterwards.

A few of you will know I like scented candles, some of which have been thoughtfully given as gifts. Sometimes I have thought the candle is a light applied perfume, the tones of the candle so. I also use enjoy using incense during meditations I bought some white sage back in March after hearing about it’s supposed banishing negativity properties. I do not know how much is influenced by the suggestion, but I do feel lifted when I burn it. Also sandalwood and frankincense either oil form or incense for grounding.

Back to perfume last year I discovered Lou Lou again, the old familiar scent I wore in the 1990s. This I will wear if I know you are ok with perfume, otherwise I choose a scented body lotion which is much less imposing. Perhaps Bodyshop Shea, or Neom Great Day.

Of course you have to be with me in person until technology is developed to transmit this quality to your nostrils online, wouldn’t that just be amazing – the sense of scent without it being with you?

Invitation to set your date

You may or may not have noticed at the moment I am finding myself often booked up to 6 weeks and further in advance. I would therefore like to invite regular clients previously used to getting touch a week or two ahead, to book their next slot when they see me. This enables your regular monthly, 6 weekly, bi-monthly or a bit longer between booking to be kept just for you, without any second guessing or disappointment. I am aware this may not suit everyone so please do get in touch to check in case of changes, or cancellations which can sometimes happen.

New clients are also welcome to get in touch as soon as you are ready to make your booking, I will do my best to offer you the date of your request if not the closest alternative.

If we cannot meet you may however consider a webcam video or telephone chat session, information about this can be found on the Services, Rates and Contact page.


Fantasy is often a part of a booking be it online, phonechat or in-person. Phonechat and webcam can be an excellent way to safely explore fantasies, engagement being really important so we are both lost in the moment. Fantasies can vary from person to person, when using webcam or phone chat feedback lacks the finer details of body language, facial details, I may not even be able to see you. For this reason communication is really important, more important than ever.

Prior to at least our first online or telephone session I will ask for any fantasies, what would you like to hear and see? This provides me with an overview I then use to provide the best session for you, it also lets me check out a few things or indicate boundaries. Some of the fantasies I provide, or that you require may be very erotic in chat or on cam, but may not be something I provide during an in-person meet. Reading the information on this website should give you an idea of the sort of sex I usually engage – just enough, erotic, sensual, gentle, passionate without being rough. Anything outside of this will be fantasy.

There are also some scenarios I will not provide these being illegal sex or illegal relationships, abuse of animals or other people, simulation of anal sex on myself (I have been asked on cam to ‘shove that up your ass’). I also do not have humongous toys. I will also avoid talk about unprotected intercourse, and will not reveal details of actual bookings. I can discuss a variety of situations, and given enough notice can construct suitable fantasies around your requirements – fantasies in which we will both become so absorbed it feels so real.