Keep cool

Hi everyone

Just back from a spot of lunch and a couple of coffees outside a lakeland pub.

Since my move I have been finding my lifestyle takes me outside a lot more, and I am really reaping the benefits and enjoying life just as it is. During the hot weather I’ve been able to relax in shorts and a t-shirt most of the time, and have a very pretty view from my window.

I’m still receiving quite a few enquiries for incalls which isn’t too surprising since I did offer this type of booking for quite a long time, however I have pasted the changes all over many websites.

The new arrangements are suiting me really well, so I’ve no plans to change. I do however have an opportunity to accept a few incalls in the North Lancashire area during the first weekend in August. Times will be quite limited, and my rates slightly different. I will also require a deposit from anyone who is a new client, or has proved to be unreliable in the past. If however you’d like to grab a bit of my time, please do get in touch and I will see what I can do. If you can’t usually book an outcall, this is a great opportunity to get to see me.

I have been receiving a lot of text enquiries recently, whilst I do have a feeling this is something to do with a particular website I renewed an advert with recently, I’d like to explain here that whilst I’m ok with exchanging a couple of text messages to confirm I am available/not available, after that I really do need to speak to you. I find text messaging with clients I have not yet met to be impersonal and awkward, there’s plenty of information on this website, and I’m not interested in exchanging ten or twenty text messages with several people at their convenience. I also may be busy or driving, and a quick phone call can usually replace 20 minutes of back and forth messaging. Please phone or email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you are in an area of poor signal, please feel free to email or provide me with a landline number.

Luckily many clients are great with communications – or should I say I tend to find good communication leads to a successful meeting.

Best and warmest regards for now,

Ruth x

A fresh outlook


I’ve landed, and what a fortnight it’s been. At one point I thought I’d never get moved, that is a huge lesson to me in keeping things I really do not need.

Now installed in new base, and have located at least enough lingerie, stockings and shoes to get me going on the outcall front.

Yes just to confirm I am no longer in Kendal and I am no longer offering incalls. Instead I am now based in the Ulverston to Barrow-in-Furness area, available to visit you in your home or hotel.I’ve had a few calls over the last week or so asking when I will be offering incalls again. So just to clarify at the moment there are zero plans for incalls. I simply wish to be more ‘part-time’ and I need to give more time to me and other pursuits I am involved in. I am sorry to those clients who cannot accommodate outcalls, but this is truly the way I wish to be.

I already have a couple of outcall visits lined up and very excited to be offering my usual GFE, in a slightly different area, and on an ‘I come to you’ basis.

One other recent change has been the introduction of deposits for new clients, or those I’ve not seen for a long time. It’s become clear recently that I only wish to see clients who are able to make a definite commitment. I can accept a deposit by online voucher, bank transfer or cash at bank. If you have seen me many times previously, and use a former method of communication to identify yourself then I will not require this. Once again I am sorry if this doesn’t suit everyone, but it works beautifully for my situation.

I also require proof of residency or hotel booking details as part of making your outcall booking.

Once the boring business bit is out of the way, all of that is forgotten as I bring the genuine GFE for which I am so well known.

The fun starts very soon, and I look forward to being an outcall only Escort in the south lakes and north Lancashire area.

Warm wishes
Ruth x

On the subject of elections

Wow, what a change. The elections didn’t go the way I wished for, but as ever I had shown my party colours, and of course voted on the day. All very important to me.

I did notice a lull in interest in bookings for polling day, so on Thursday afternoon decided to use the time wisely. I took myself off to a coffee shop with my Kindle, a few text books and a highlighter pen to get on with some course-reading over a thick, black coffee.

The following day provided the shock announcement that the SNP had more or less wiped out Scotland, and the Lib Dems also saw a huge backlash. The next five years is surely going to be very interesting.

I did see a surge in new client enquiries on results day, however I already had my hands full, fully booked with a couple of regular clients.

That evening I sat down to listen to what must be one of the best episodes of Dead Ringers, an absolute classic. I had to listen to it twice again before the novelty wore off.

I also wanted to give Ed Miliband a cuddle.

At the end of the 48 hours that is polling and results day, I curled up with more academic reading before falling asleep mind and body exhausted.

Ruth x

Just to confirm changes

Right guys, here it is;

The 29th of May will be my last day of incalls in Kendal. After this date I will still be available for outcall only bookings, but this is be the end of permanent incalls for the foreseeable future. During June I will be moving to a slightly different town. Once moved I may plan the very occasional incall day on a monthly basis, but at the moment do not have any dates nor do I have a location for those incalls. When I do priority will be given to regular clients, and any remaining spaces then posted on this website.

If you wish to see me outcall I am happy to visit homes and hotels in the south lakes area, which also includes the west coast of Cumbria subject to the usual minimum booking requirements which can be found on my rates page. Once I have moved some of those minimum booking requirements may change. For example from mid-June outcalls to Barrow-in-Furness will only require a one hour booking, but outcalls to Lancaster will be subject to a minimum 2 hour appointment, outcalls to Manchester will require a railfare paid in advance. Alternatively you are always welcome to book a hotel closer to me and I can advise on several suitable hotels in the area.

In the run up to the end of what has been over 8 years in my current location, I am aware that I want to give current and regular clients the best chance of seeing me before I leave. For this reason I am only accepting appointments from new clients who are able and prepared to pay a deposit in order to secure their booking. I am aware this will not appeal to some potential clients, and I am sorry if this means you cannot see me.

I now have quite a bit of sorting out and closing down to do in various areas of my life, which includes finishing a hefty portion of coursework, working out how to transplant my sporting activities, and because I am effectively downsizing in one respect, I am having a grand clear out. I am really looking forward to having less possessions and less junk and trinkets. I’ve thrown out 2 big black bags and two boxes of paper this last week, but so far my spare room only seems to appear untidy. It feels like I am chipping away, but the iceberg is not reducing. I’m not sure when I’ll notice a difference, it just looks messier than ever!

The forth coming changes have me both sad and excited at the same time, and it’s times like these that I really appreciate the support I receive from those who know me well.

Kind regards
Ruth x

Busy, busy, busy

Yes that is me right now, busy in all areas of my life!

I’ve just added a statement to the home page which declares that I am not accepting any new clients at the moment.

I remember the last time I made such an announcement I received several calls wondering if perhaps I’d had a ‘bad experience’.

Nope, that isn’t the case at all. I simply have a lot going on in external to my Escorting life, which also includes a few changes afoot. The first thing is that my study load is fairly hefty at the moment and I need to concentrate hard for the next 2 weeks. There’s also a chance that I will be ceasing incalls very soon. I have many regular clients whom I’ve been seeing for quite some time now, and it makes more sense to me to concentrate on them in the time I do have available. We’ve met several times, we know each other’s nuances, and they also are comfortable knowing where to meet.

This doesn’t however mean goodbye for ever, or that I am disappearing. What it means is that I should be still continue to be available for outcalls for the foreseeable future, and also start seeing new clients again when I do have more time – which is looking like the end of May or beginning of June. My outcall minimum booking requirements for certain locations may also be jigged around a bit as a slight geographical change looks highly likely.

So if you are new to me please do look around, do take in the information and if you are interested in a booking do check back for more updates in future.

Kind regards
Ruth x

Nearly there

As some of you may know the work I needed doing at my place is now complete and I am very pleased, there is still something else to repair but that isn’t quite as major as the other bits.

This means I can now offer daytime hours again, however I am under quite a bit of pressure with my studies so once again may have to set a few days aside to concentrate on that.

I’m also in the process of planning a change, a big change is on the horizon but until the ‘i’s are dotted and the ‘t’s crossed I can’t say much more here. When everything is definite then I will alter my website to make these changes clear.

For now however all I can say is that although I do often take bookings, weeks and sometimes months in advance, at the moment I am not currently able to commit to any incall bookings beyond the end of May. I can however accept outcalls for the foreseeable future. If this situation changes I will let you know as soon as possible.

Warm regards
Ruth x

Last week in March

Just a quick post, which I may expand on later.

I already had a few days booked off towards the end of March for a variety of reasons, and a cancellation has sealed it. I shall be taking 10 days off from 23rd March to 1st April inclusive. This leave is not to go away on holiday, it is not due to illness, it is due to study requirements and a couple of other commitments I have been planning for a while. There may also be future disruption to my Escort timetable due to some work I need to do on my incall place, but I do aim to be available during the first week of April, and over the Easter Bank Holiday, so get emailing if you’d like to book some time around those dates.

I have just updated my ‘About Me’ page to include the fact that I am a big chubbier than my most recent (3rd February) photos. I’ve lost the plot with my diet, which is quite disappointing. It seems I get so close to the elusive six-pack, then just can’t push through to it. As some of you know I train for fitness competitions and I am therefore having to reassess things on that front. I am still training, whilst I am not very good on the eating front, I am doing very well in the gym and I do get a lot from that.

Ruth x

Presents and presence

Hi there again

I wanted to revisit a post I made approximately 12 months ago, in which I mentioned chocolates and perfume.

Firstly I’d like to reitterate that although I love chocolate, I have a particular reaction to chocolate which isn’t helpful, and I’d like to ask please do not bring me any. Second is that whilst I really enjoy providing an intimate, individual experience, I don’t find champagne or fancy dining a treat. Relaxing by the fire (my place or yours), snuggling under the covers, showing off my lovely lingerie to you, yes that is me being pampered and all I require.

I have also recently had my perfume collection topped up, so more than provided for the next two years!

My fee is more than enough, and all that I expect.

If you do wish to treat me, then as always a nice piece of steak is always received with glee.

“What sort of a woman likes steak as a present?!”

I do, and I’d rather say so than be thinking “Oh dear what a waste”.

Ruth x

February photos

Hi there

It’s February and I’ve just uploaded some new photos to my gallery. You’ll find them on the photos page, the most recent are towards the bottom so you may have to scroll down.

I hope you enjoy viewing them, and that they show you what a beautiful woman I am.

Best wishes,

Ruth x

Busy January

January has been a busy month for me in all areas of my life. Not only have I gotten to see several new clients, who have all been great, I’ve also had a mixed, varied social life. Over the last month or so I’ve seen 3 films which is unusual for me, I often go up to 12 months without cinema visit. Last week I was privileged enough to be invited to a 50 year tribute to Jack Hylton, which was in the form of a dance orchestra being taken through a selection of his music from an archive of 2000 numbers. I hadn’t previously knowingly heard Jack Hylton’s music, but I am fairly adaptable and when growing up I was for a short time, a student of music albeit at a low level. I am also very open minded with regard to music so found it easy to enjoy the evening.

As a person who often has gone up to several years without a cinema visit, to realise that I’ve seen three films on the projection screen in a 4-6 week period made me smile. Imitation Game was the first in the series, and the biggest thing that struck me in that was the way in which the female Oxford Graduate was treated. To say I was fairly shocked, is an understatement however consulting with friends a little older than myself did confirm this is the sort of thing women faced throughout their lives not that many decades ago. The second film was Unbroken, and despite thinking I was well versed in war and camp survival stories (a specialist interest of mine), I was really struck by the opening battle scenes taking place in old american bombers. I found the opening scenes very dramatic, and almost felt traumatised at that point. The third film I went to see is Into The Woods. Meryl Streep’s wicked witch character really appealed to me in many ways. I really liked the way in which she hid her beauty under a rough exterior, her dress and make-up is amazing both in the aged character, then later when she transforms back into her ‘younger’ self. This film wove several fairy tales into one, and it was a joy to recognise each one as they were built into the main story. I also really, really hope this film is intended to be a spoof, there was a scene involving two Prince Charmings singing a duet in the river. One vaguely resembling John Travolta, the other a Jason Donovan look-alikey with cheesey smiles and charm abounding.

Around all of this I have managed dramatic changes in my training plan, which have left me with both great results, and many good nights of very deep sleeping. My bodyweight is now over ten pounds lighter than in the photos in my gallery, so I am really looking forward to my planned photoshoot later this week. I should have the images uploaded during the second week of February, so please do be patient. Whilst this is a professional photoshoot, I ask the photographer to use minimal adjustment and to keep me as close to myself as she can.

I am certain that I shall be posting some great photos in the next ten days or so,

Best wishes and warm regards
Ruth x