Back from Copenhagen

What a month we’ve had, I’m sure most of you reading this will be aware of the terrible weather events and subsequent floods experienced in certain parts of Cumbria during the month of December. And as the month went on this has now extended to other areas of the Northwest.

Much of my old town of Kendal was affected, and it has been heartbreaking to hear of people having to leave their homes, and businesses unable to operate for months to come.

The town in which I now live has been mostly untouched. It did rain a lot, I think that currently it’s now rained fairly steadily for the last 6 weeks.

When the floods first happened I was away in Copenhagen, I heard and watched the news via social media and Sky News. Whilst my home was left untouched, I could see that with all trains north of Preston cancelled, plus the A590 closed there would be a problem getting home. In the end a hire car got me home, the main road had just been reopened, and vehicles were fed on in convoy.

Since then my activities have been mostly confined to my immediate area. The A591 now has a hole in it north of Grasmere, which won’t be fixed in the near future. The round trip to the North Lakes area is now extensive, and this means that bookings in the Keswick area will depend upon your exact requirements.

Despite the gap in the A591 I had several clients make the round trip to see me when I was offering incalls in the Windermere area, and I also had a very successful incall in Barrow-in-Furness. Thank you to everyone who came to see me on those days, and sorry to those I had to turn away. I have already set a couple of dates in January for my next incalls, which will be in the Lancaster area 16th-17th and 27th-28th (the later dates are fully booked) January so if you think you’d like to make an appointment just get in touch. Any further incall dates I’ll post as soon as they are definite.

I’ve had a wonderful Christmas so far, it’s been quiet and pressure free,and I’m looking forward very much to the New Year.

Best wishes for now, and 2016

Ruth x

New photos

Hi there

This is just a quick note to say that I’ve popped a few new photos onto the bottom of my Photos page, these were taken just about a week ago and I think you’ll agree that they are fabulous.

I’m now taking a break for 3 days, during which time I will not be contactable. All emails will be answered on Monday 7th, and my phone will be on to accept phone calls from around 7.30am that day. If you send a text message before then, do be aware that it is highly unlikely to reach me, and I won’t be able to reply until at least Monday afternoon.

Upon my return I will detail my hours over the Festive period, I can however say for definite that I can be available most days apart from Christmas Day and New Years Day. On the days between Christmas and New Year I will be able to accept bookings starting either first thing in the morning (9am-11am), or after 3pm and into the evening. Overnights and dinner dates are also available from 20th December to the middle of February.

All the best for now
Ruth x

Charging through November

Wow the month is just charging by at the moment.

I’ve been making arrangements for a couple of incalls days in December and now have definite dates. On 15th December I’ll be visiting the Windermere area where I’ll able to accept incalls on the afternoon and evening of the 15th, morning of the 16th. I’ll then be accepting incalls in Barrow-in-Furness on the 17th and 18th of December, which due my training schedule and a few other things I fit in around my Escorting bookings, will be once again, late afternoon – early morning.

During this time I’m almost definitely not accepting any dinner dates, unless the chef serves plain fish and rice, because I’m coming towards the culmination of a 12 week challenge. Over Christmas I’ll be available for dinner dates again until mid January, which also allows me to enjoy a birthday meal or two. From mid February onwards my diet becomes very focussed once again and eating out will not be something I wish to do.

It may also be worth noting that I will not be contactable in any shape or form on the 4th, 5th and 6th of December, and that texts sent in that time may not be received, so if you are planning to get in touch, it would be best to avoid doing so on those dates.

Back to November, most things are going well for me, I have two courses on the go, one of which I’m waiting to hear back from regards progression and next steps. The other is a new qualification for me, which is proving to be very exciting.

It’s almost time to go training, so I’ll start to sign off.

If you would like to take the opportunity of booking an incall on one of the dates above, please get in touch with your preferred day and booking length, and I’ll let you know what times I can offer you.

All the best
Ruth x


Hi again

Recently I’ve had a few new enquiries asking why do I only provide outcalls, can I not be persuaded to accept some incalls. One person even asked me to explain exactly why do I not see anyone incall. The answer is that for me, outcalls are the best way for me to accept bookings and offer my services.

It’s as simple as that.

For many years I did offer incalls alongside outcalls and I would say that I have based my decision on sound judgement, and what works for me and my lifestyle.

My website and other adverts makes it clear what is on offer, and integrity is something very important to me. I have no idea why someone who hasn’t even met me would whinge, moan or push me in any other way. It’s not going to make me feel I could be comfortable making arrangements to be in a confined space naked with them. I’m also not sure why they don’t look for someone who can meet them in the way that they require.

On the other hand however each week I receive enquiries from prospective (and current) clients who understand how I operate, they are looking for the type of service and bookings I offer, so they send me a polite email and off we go making arrangements for a booking.

We meet, have a great time, both go away with smiles on each other’s faces. Everyone happy and that’s how I like it.

Best wishes
Ruth x


Yes wow is all I have to say. I’ve had some layers cut into my hair, which have brought out my natural curl and improved the condition of my trademark locks, all without any need for perms or heated appliances, or any significant expense. My hair is now permanently bouncy and curly, with a lot less frizz. It’s still very long at the back, but it now looks similar to when I have it professionally styled so I’m very very pleased.

I can predict that now I’ve written about this, I may get some emails asking ‘can I see what it looks like’, yes it’s more or less the same as in my photos here, but if you want something even more accurate then take a look at the photos labelled ’19th Sept’ in my public gallery, there’s also one taken from the front in the private gallery if you have a membership. The link to my adultwork profile is or if you are not very good at cut and pasting links, then just run a search for Cumbria, where my profile is listed as ‘Strawberryblonde’.

My September incall date is rapidly approaching, I do have a couple of hours on both days available if you’d like to visit me, and I’ll also be available for outcalls as usual.

At the moment I don’t advertise availability on most Sundays and Mondays. If however you contact me well in advance, it is possible to book me for the evening one of these days, especially if you are able to pay a deposit. If you are interested making a booking for a Sunday or Monday evening days please get in touch a couple of days in advance with your requirements. As always providing me with specific time, booking length and location really helps me work out what is or isn’t possible.

Thank you for your attentions, I’m looking forward to some fabulous bookings in the coming weeks!

Best wishes
Ruth x


This is a quick post to announce that I will be able to offer a couple of incall bookings in the Barrow-in-Furness area on 26th & 27th September. Times and appointments are limited. If you are flexible and think that you’d like to make a booking, please get in touch indicating the time(s), booking length and day you can manage.

I am also available for outcalls as usual on both those days.

Best regards
Ruth x

Summer rolls along

Wow August has really flown. We’ve had some gorgeous days and after my move in June it’s taken a while to work out a new routine, finding the best classes and clubs locally to fulfill my interests, working out what feels best and where I fit in, I am now extremely happy. After a month of hard work and planning I now have a couple of relaxing weekends to look forward to.

Most notably the Magic Orchard festival, which looks like it will be absolutely great. Local, small but big enough to have fun and eclectic too. I’m afraid that run of the mill and big festivals leave me uninspired and this one looks like it’s anything but boring.

I’ve also been privileged to have a few more bookings in the beautiful surroundings of the south lakes area, which has included a drive around the bay to Millom, Hest Bank, and also a room with a balcony over looking a river dramatically pouring out of a Lake the Lake District. I find the sound cascading rivers to be very powerful, and it was refreshing to have a cool glass of water out in the fresh evening air.

Do be warned that due to an allergy to midge bites, which is probably a side-effect of having a fair complexion, I am very careful about getting too close to water ways during summer evenings. If I spy any midges I will not venture outside without a thick layer of Avon skin so soft dry oil, which seems to be the only remedy I’ve ever tested that keeps the midges away.

Now that academic pressures have finally lifted, I am able to read whatever I wish and I’ve started on Leonard Cohen:A remarkable life. So far I’m finding it really enjoyable, and because I do have most of his albums can listen to songs as they are mentioned in the book. The first 32 years of his life are covered in just 2 chapters, during which he managed to travel and get up to quite a few things. I’m guessing the next 50 years must be really packed with action.

When my plans for September become clearer I am hoping to book another incall day, this time possibly in Barrow-In-Furness. I may also do a day later in the year in Carlisle, and Lancaster again sometime in winter.

For now it’s time for bed, I’ve had my Valerian tea and it’s time to brush my teeth.

Goodnight and sweet kissesm
Ruth x

Keep cool

Hi everyone

Just back from a spot of lunch and a couple of coffees outside a lakeland pub.

Since my move I have been finding my lifestyle takes me outside a lot more, and I am really reaping the benefits and enjoying life just as it is. During the hot weather I’ve been able to relax in shorts and a t-shirt most of the time, and have a very pretty view from my window.

I’m still receiving quite a few enquiries for incalls which isn’t too surprising since I did offer this type of booking for quite a long time, however I have pasted the changes all over many websites.

The new arrangements are suiting me really well, so I’ve no plans to change. I do however have an opportunity to accept a few incalls in the North Lancashire area during the first weekend in August. Times will be quite limited, and my rates slightly different. I will also require a deposit from anyone who is a new client, or has proved to be unreliable in the past. If however you’d like to grab a bit of my time, please do get in touch and I will see what I can do. If you can’t usually book an outcall, this is a great opportunity to get to see me.

I have been receiving a lot of text enquiries recently, whilst I do have a feeling this is something to do with a particular website I renewed an advert with recently, I’d like to explain here that whilst I’m ok with exchanging a couple of text messages to confirm I am available/not available, after that I really do need to speak to you. I find text messaging with clients I have not yet met to be impersonal and awkward, there’s plenty of information on this website, and I’m not interested in exchanging ten or twenty text messages with several people at their convenience. I also may be busy or driving, and a quick phone call can usually replace 20 minutes of back and forth messaging. Please phone or email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you are in an area of poor signal, please feel free to email or provide me with a landline number.

Luckily many clients are great with communications – or should I say I tend to find good communication leads to a successful meeting.

Best and warmest regards for now,

Ruth x

A fresh outlook


I’ve landed, and what a fortnight it’s been. At one point I thought I’d never get moved, that is a huge lesson to me in keeping things I really do not need.

Now installed in new base, and have located at least enough lingerie, stockings and shoes to get me going on the outcall front.

Yes just to confirm I am no longer in Kendal and I am no longer offering incalls. Instead I am now based in the Ulverston to Barrow-in-Furness area, available to visit you in your home or hotel.I’ve had a few calls over the last week or so asking when I will be offering incalls again. So just to clarify at the moment there are zero plans for incalls. I simply wish to be more ‘part-time’ and I need to give more time to me and other pursuits I am involved in. I am sorry to those clients who cannot accommodate outcalls, but this is truly the way I wish to be.

I already have a couple of outcall visits lined up and very excited to be offering my usual GFE, in a slightly different area, and on an ‘I come to you’ basis.

One other recent change has been the introduction of deposits for new clients, or those I’ve not seen for a long time. It’s become clear recently that I only wish to see clients who are able to make a definite commitment. I can accept a deposit by online voucher, bank transfer or cash at bank. If you have seen me many times previously, and use a former method of communication to identify yourself then I will not require this. Once again I am sorry if this doesn’t suit everyone, but it works beautifully for my situation.

I also require proof of residency or hotel booking details as part of making your outcall booking.

Once the boring business bit is out of the way, all of that is forgotten as I bring the genuine GFE for which I am so well known.

The fun starts very soon, and I look forward to being an outcall only Escort in the south lakes and north Lancashire area.

Warm wishes
Ruth x

On the subject of elections

Wow, what a change. The elections didn’t go the way I wished for, but as ever I had shown my party colours, and of course voted on the day. All very important to me.

I did notice a lull in interest in bookings for polling day, so on Thursday afternoon decided to use the time wisely. I took myself off to a coffee shop with my Kindle, a few text books and a highlighter pen to get on with some course-reading over a thick, black coffee.

The following day provided the shock announcement that the SNP had more or less wiped out Scotland, and the Lib Dems also saw a huge backlash. The next five years is surely going to be very interesting.

I did see a surge in new client enquiries on results day, however I already had my hands full, fully booked with a couple of regular clients.

That evening I sat down to listen to what must be one of the best episodes of Dead Ringers, an absolute classic. I had to listen to it twice again before the novelty wore off.

I also wanted to give Ed Miliband a cuddle.

At the end of the 48 hours that is polling and results day, I curled up with more academic reading before falling asleep mind and body exhausted.

Ruth x