Christmas is almost here

Hey everyone it’s almost Christmas, this is just to let you know that I shall be available right across the festive period. This includes Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, and 2nd January. If booked in advance there’s even a chance of a booking on Christmas Day evening, as well as New Year’s Day.

I am now also available for bookings which include meals, although as ever I am just as happy spending time with you alone without any food intervention. A lot of you already know I don’t drink alcohol so offering me champagne, wine or anything else of that nature is going to be a bit of a waste of time.

In the New Year I’m looking forward to a very short stay in Manchester, during which I could accept one booking either incall or outcall. I shall also be having some new photographs taken towards the end of January so I can update my galleries. Please note I am still at least one dress size smaller, and even more toned than my photos on here. My figure will soften as I allow my bodyfat to increase slightly, but that process will be slow and controlled. I won’t be suddenly whooshing up into anything different (and that’s why there’s no rush for new photos). I do occasionally pop my own selfies onto my gallery, so please follow the link at the bottom of the photos page to view them.

All the best if I don’t see you soon, and if you do please ask me for your very own melting moment!

Warm kisses
R x

Life is like a box of chocolates

Except I don’t currently eat chocolate………….

I seem to remember this phrase being used by the character Forest Gump, played by Tom Hanks in the film of the same name (FG). Leonard Cohen also refers to the loss of chocolates in the box in the lyrics of his ‘Ain’t no diamonds in the Mine’.

For me people are the chocolates in my box, when I eat chocolates I like variety, I like the experience of different flavours and textures each one a unique combination. A box of the same flavour only numbs my taste buds, I need something to refresh, challenge and provide contrast. I find that my Escort clients are just as varied as the people I meet right across my life, a wide variety of ages, occupations, appearance and ability or disability. No matter who I meet I am usually able to find something in common to talk about, and really enjoy finding out about things which are new to me or I previously didn’t really know much about.

A quick update on My Focus

Success means I’m not staying small and lean for another 2 – 3 week, after which I’ll be able to once again offer occasional dinner date and bookings involving meals. I say occasional because I have a plan, also discretion and my own privacy mean I’m not in local eateries with different clients every week.

I’ve really enjoyed getting into such top shape this year, and being a slightly smaller than a size 8,but come last week on November it’s time to recover a bit.

In December I have some great social occasions to look forwards to, and January there’ll be a trip to Manchester. During this trip I’ll be having some more photos taken for this website, meeting with a few other ladies and also able to offer one or two bookings in the city during my stay. If you are interested and can truly be flexible, please get in touch via the usual methods (phone call, email or if I know you well and you use the same number as previously then text message).

Looking forward to more excitement and things to come.
Best regards

My focus

For the last 6 months my training and diet have become very strict as I decided to become a competitive athlete again. This year I have pushed myself even further than ever, the result has been that I’ve had to buy a new size 8 wardrobe – and lingerie in extra small. I’m the smallest and leanest I’ve ever been,I’ve been amazed at just how far I can push myself.

This very strict for me period should come to an end in the next few weeks, after which I’ll be able to accept dinner date and dinner date-overnights again. I also have a few things planned in my personal life to enjoy during a more ‘relaxed’ few months, which is going to make the next few months an exciting and varied time.

As ever don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like a booking with me, either now or in the future. Remember the more specifics you can supply, the easier it is for me to answer and feel at ease with you.

Warmest wishes as ever,

Ruth x

May I tempt you?

Someone has had fun creating a little pop music video for me, I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I have so I’ll just pop it here! Remember I’m available for outcalls across the south lakes, Cumbria and northwest area most days of the week.


This is the third blog in 2 weeks, so it must be something I feel passionate about.

It is about discretion and incalls. Unfortunately I’m finding that although most people are fine, a few aren’t always aware what discretion means. This year I started offering a couple of incall appointments each week, on the basis that it would be kept very discrete and low key. I enjoy being able to provide this and I know quite a few of you really appreciate it.

In order for me to continue feeling comfortable about this I do have to make a few requests. Whilst I am always overwhelmed when someone brings me a gift, if you bring one please don’t rush up to the door waving it about. Please pop it into a non-descript bag or your pocket. Also when leaving it’s really appreciated if you don’t stand outside telling me and any passers by or neighbours, what a nice time you’ve had and that you’ll be back in touch to rebook in a month or two.

If you have done this please don’t feel bad and don’t hesitate to rebook, I know the intention was to be polite I only wish to prevent any future compromises which could spoil our fun.

As I say I would like to continue to offer incall opportunities, so am asking for a bit of understanding and cooperation.

Warm regards
Ruth x

The real blog!

A few days ago I wrote a blog entry, which I realise was a bit disjointed and not a reflection of what has been going on at all. Thinking about it overnight I’ve decided I need to come back and write about what’s important to me.

During the last month or so I’ve been out galavanting at 2 rock nights and the Hacienda Classical when they performed at The Lytham Festival. The rock nights are held once a month in a smallish city not too far away consisting of a DJ playing rock and heavy metal tracks right through from the 1970s until now. Hacienda Classical is a live performance by an orchestra + original DJs from the famous Hacienda night club of the 1990s. My musical tastes vary widely, and I really like to dance but I’ll never be a boyband/x-factor/pop idol or whatever it is now type.

I’ve also been mulling over where I am right now. As some of you know a couple of years ago there was a major change in my life, which lead me to change some of how I operate as an Escort. At the time I was finishing my professional training in a different field and I thought that I’d naturally start to wind down to move into that occupation. Also after my initial move the changes did create a lull in my bookings. Since then however a new motivation has emerged, and I’ve found that I’ve become restablished again. Reflecting on this recently I’ve realised that I don’t want to quit, I have some fabulous clients, and some fabulous bookings. I find being an Escort really exciting, and to be completely honest gives me a good income and flexibility which I can use in my other interests. As far as I’m concerned I’m carrying on and have reduced activities in at least one other area of my life. I am very happy where I am, and look forward to this continuing until I do reach a natural end point.

So there I am, my thoughts and experiences for the last month or so, and I feel as if I’m right back where I belong.

Best regards as ever,

Ruth x

Late summer turning

We are at the time of year when summer is turning to autumn, this is a period I enjoy seeing the leaves changing colour often accompanied by a last warm spell before the sharp mornings of September and October.

There are also changes afoot in various parts of my life. The first is that I’ve decided to change the style of photos which I use. For the last few years I have gained a lot of confidence from high end, style boudoir photography shoots. This experience has helped me develop my own personal style, learning the sort of clothes, lingerie, make-up and jewelry which bring out the best in me. I had however started to feel that the photography style was creating too much of a fantasy image. In the last year I have been experimenting with fresher, more natural style of photography which I feel makes the most use of my personality, style and approach to bookings. I bring the excitement and fantasy of a liaison with a beautiful woman, along with a genuiness and honesty which provides an insight into my personality. Some of the new photos can be found towards the bottom of the ‘Photos’ page of this website, as well as a few on my profile , and I will continue to add more whenever I can.

On the topic of passion I am currently in a very tough period of training, which requires adherence to a very strict, very plain diet. Recently someone made contact with the really generous offer of enjoying a meal as part of our booking. I understand that offering to spend part of a booking eating delicious meal is a really kind, thoughtful gesture however right now it would only be akin to absolute torture which I’m certain is not the intention. I also need to explain that the often well meaning gifts of chocolate, cheese, sugary or juice drinks (even health brands), are not the treat they may be ordinarily thought of. Redbush tea, ground coffee, sparkling water, scented candles are however current guilt-free treats which are guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

Meals and gift offers are however not an expectation, nor do they dictate how I will feel about a client. I equally as happy (infact right now more than happy) to accept a good-old-plain and simple, turn up, have a good time, thank you very much booking. It’s always a pleasure to be contacted by someone who has read the information on my website, is straightforward and easy to communicate with. One of the things I really like about being an Escort is being able to provide pleasure on a no-strings, relaxed no pressure, no-expectation basis which makes it one of the things I’m very passionate about.

Warm regards
Ruth x

An evening out

Hi everyone

This week I’ve been really busy working on a few projects, one of which has been making a little video. Flat photos can struggle to communicate character and movement. If you are new to me I’m hoping this video will help bring me to life, if you are not so new to me then it may spark off some very pleasant memories. You’ll also find a link to the video at the top of my photos page.

Warm regards
Ruth x

Spring forward

Tonight the clocks move forward one hour as we leap into spring, and I’m really going to enjoy the days getting longer and evenings lighter.

A few of you may be aware that I can now arrange a couple of incall bookings each week at a fabulously furnished hideaway. I’m still outcall focused, and still only available to accept 1 booking per day. There are some strict rules surrounding incalls, and I won’t be routinely giving out my location or address. Unless I advise you otherwise rates and deposit requirements are exactly the same as for outcalls. If you have seen me before you must supply me with the email, or phone number used to make your previous booking. If you are new to me I will need you to pay for your booking in advance, and follow my strict instructions. Discretion, reliability, privacy and safety are my priority. Outside of the 2 incalls bookings per week, I will be available only for outcalls, outcall bookings are still my focus.

In the last few months I’ve been tightening up my diet, and loosening up my muscles. Several years of training had left my body a patchwork of tight muscles with various injuries niggling away. Enough was enough and I decided to engage in some techniques reputed to help relax the muscles, as well as generally improve my performance. Although wary at first I am now reaping the rewards, and can feel the benefits in everything I do. I’m hoping this will stand me in good stead as I move into another very intense phase of my training, not that it’s ever ‘not’ serious. I’ve also recently discovered the benefits of real chinese tea which is very different to that found in standard tea bags, even Clipper green tea. I’m now really enjoying my morning cup of steeped green tea, followed by Oolong later in the day. I’m feeling refreshed and ready for spring, bring on the clock changing!

Best regards