After receiving feedback about how difficult it has been to find and read I have given weekly availability a page of it’s own. This can be found as ‘Availability’ (obvious I know!), on the horizontal menu bar just above these posts. I had tried loading a complete calendar, but this turned out to be beyond my technical skills.

Please do note the times entered are available by advance booking, there are times when I am difficult to contact and if I’m not ‘available’ I may not be using my phone or email. Very occasionally same day bookings are possible, short notice (ie less than 3 hours) when possible is usually only available for clients who have seen me at my current location and do not require directions.

Hope this makes things clearer.

Ruth x

Shush, Escort booking

This blog post is very much like the one I’ve just posted on Adultwork. Unfortunately in the last few days I’ve come across a couple of cases of indiscretion. Now this doesn’t happen very often, perhaps once or twice a year, whenever it does it makes me firstly angry, and then sad.

Indiscretion in the Escort world can take several forms. Firstly there is pillow talk, some clients splurge details of other Escorts sometimes it’s to me, sometimes other Escorts reveal that person information has been given to them by clients we have in common. Very, very occasionally I’ll also see details given on the internet which can also identify clients – this is very rare, but yesterday a forum post if you made a few links could have identified a man who has visited Escorts.

None of this is acceptable to me, and thankfully the post was removed as swiftly as it was made.

I was under the impression that discretion is paramount when booking an Escort, and a trust builds up. If and when I hear of clients who do divulge other ladies, or even my own details, then it makes me feel quite strange inside. I then place them at arms length and become a lot more careful as a result. Idle gossip is harmful. I’ve been given all sorts of personal details about other Escorts, and I have to just blank it out. It’s not cool and I am not interested in seeing clients who do not understand the etiquette of discretion.

As I say this is luckily very rare, so when it does happen it does leave me feeling sad.

Ruth x

New photos

The long promised photos are here, and I’ve removed the last sets to start afresh. Over the next 5 days I have a limited time available for escort bookings, but I shall be available at the following times this weekend.

Saturday 11am-10pm
Sunday 3pm-10pm

Please note advance booking is required to secure appointments for Saturday afternoon – and I won’t be able to accept any phone calls on Friday or Monday. Having read my details here you are more than welcome to make a booking via email or text message, so long as the message contains all the basic details. I’ll then request a phone call between 8am & 9am on the day to confirm and for directions etc.

Back to the fun bit, since my photoshoot I’ve been trying to learn how to curl my hair with a variety of heated appliances, and so far getting mixed results but it has been noticed and I seem to be getting more skilled with time. The curls don’t seem to last longer than an hour or so so not sure what I’m doing wrong. Perhaps I’ll stick with it a bit longer, or maybe I’ll just give up and go back to my natural tresses!

Ruth x

Summer photos

A few of you have been asking me about new photos. Please be reassured that as soon as I have new photos in an uploadable format, I will post them in my gallery. I’m also going to be having my banner redesigned, it’s a bit dated and it’s time for a bit of a change.

In the meantime over the summer months I am once again accepting new clients, and most of the info you will need to make a booking is contained in this website. Simply check my availability at the bottom of the ‘Services’ page then get in touch (phone, email or text containing all the relevant information about the booking). Once agreed I’ll ask you to confirm at a set time, and we go from there. Please do note lengthy text exchanges, or open ended-one-liner emails only ever put me off. A polite, succinct email goes a long, long way and keeps the process simple – which is what booking an Escort is all about.

Bye for now

Ruth x

A quick update

In the mood of spring cleaning, sprucing things up at my place I’ve also decided to take up an offer for a boudoir-style photoshoot. This promises to be quite different to others I’ve had before, I’ll be having my hair and make-up done followed by several hours in front of the lens. Clients for years have been telling me that my photos do not do me justice, and advertising directory owners have also completely unprompted, said the same things. In fact one or two have almost ordered me to get some better images. After a few false starts a few years ago, I had been quite put off using other photographers, but now is time to do something about it. I’m approaching 40 and moving towards part-time Escorting, so want to make the most of my time. In other words quality, not quantity is never more poignant and appropriate than now.

Due to outside commitments the shoot won’t be possible until the end of May, and I think it’s time for a new banner too. I cannot wait!


Had a lovely Easter, took the day off which I then packed full of activities. Up early and off to the gym to get my training out of the way, then a bit of spirituality, followed by lunch and pasche egging on a nearby steep hill. Lamb for tea, then relaxing watching Crimson Fields with me occasionally asking “Would they really be like that?” and “Is that historically correct?”.

A few of you might notice I’ve rejigged some wording on this website, it has raised a little bit of concern. I am able to reassure you that I rarely encounter anyone who “barks orders” or “throws me around”, and if I do it certainly gets challenged. I did however think it was time I made it explicitly clear upfront, just to stop the odd one or two who might think that’s what is available. It isn’t and I do usually suss stuff like that out on initial contact, so the clients I accept are usually looking for the exact experience I do offer.

At the moment I’ve removed even the vaguest trace of my phone number from here, because I really am preferring a proper and specific email from new clients, rather than vague or indiscrete random phone calls. If you really do need to speak before making a booking, email to arrange a specific time to speak. Please don’t try and wangle around this as someone did in the last few days, it only makes me feel odd and gets me off at a bad angle so to speak(really puts me off). Most people have been brilliant with most new clients willing and able to contact me in my preferred manner, which is fantastic and most appreciated. This has resulted in some lovely, very successful and smile-inducing meetings. x

Presents and preparation

Hi guys

Sometimes I am asked what I’d like as a present. I don’t drink alcohol and chocolates are a love-hate relationship I’d rather not have. The other issue is that presents although nice, are simply not required. If you do like bringing presents then a nice steak is always appreciated, discrete and very good for me. Perfume is a bad choice, why?because I use it so sparingly I end up with a backlog and it goes off. If you didn’t know, perfumes contain alcohol which is oxidised(reacts) with oxygen in the air, to produce some compounds which do not smell pleasant. Keeping bottles in a cool, dark place helps, but inevitably and once it’s opened then the little molecules can start reacting away like mad. My current bottle is 2 years old and I keep expecting it to start smelling very odd any day now. I have another two in the waiting, and any more would be a waste(or not if I donate them to the nearest charity shop). Lush bathbombs or lotions are also always enjoyed, or a Neom scented candle but really my fee is more than enough.

As you’ll have noticed at the moment I don’t really have the time to shepherd in new clients, which is why I am being upfront in saying that if you are new to me and are definite you’d like an appointment, can communicate all relevant details and requirements in a couple of short emails or a phone call then great. I have seen a couple of newbies who have been able to do this no problem at all. I have also however noticed I am receiving a few last minute, short notice requests for outcalls which I am unable to fulfill purely on the basis that the details I require for an outcalls, proof of residency or hotel booking can’t be provided. In lieu of this I can instead accept a deposit, but once again this requires advance notice and internet access which isn’t always possible when travelling. There are occasions when I am more than happy and very able to respond at short notice, however without the details or a definite time I cannot proceed. It’s great I’m being looked up, but some planning is required if you wish to see me.

I hope the bad weather isn’t causing too much hassle for anyone, for me I’ve not been affected any more than a bit of a drenching whilst on the way back from the gym, and the noise of distance wheelie bins being blown around. I’ve not experienced loss of power, nor any other sort of disaster. I guess living in a hollow has it’s advantages!

Ruth x

New Year 2014

Happy New year to those who hold with that sort of thing. I find Christmas an anxious time, but had a great time at New Year, probably I think because it was easy and spent in a crowd of like-minded people just off the centre of Manchester. I’ve never spent New Year in Manchester but it was definitely one of the best yet, and I think I’d do it again! Once into the New Year I had a couple of tasks to attend to of the serious type and now they are completed I feel a great weight has lifted. It’s almost as if my Christmas was delayed by ten days, and now I feel fresh for the challenges ahead.

This week I start with my first bookings of 2014, and already I have advance bookings for the days I have available for Escort bookings, which are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday(morning only).


Christmas is a coming

Yes, Christmas is almost here and I’m excited. My small tree is up and decorated, a few festive trimmings around the place and I’m all set. Looking forward to a lovely, nice and quiet Christmas Day itself but in the meantime I am also excited to be able to accept bookings across most of the festive season. I can be available most days apart from Christmas Day when the phone, and me will be off, then available again from Boxing Day until 6pm New Years Eve when I shall then take the best part of 4 days off – in essence I will not be available from 6pm 31st December through until 7pm 4th January when the first appointment of 2014 will be possible.

If you are visiting me during the festive season and you like chocolate do let this be known, I have a small selection of little treats to share with you as well as the usual sensual, sexual delights on offer as part of my very special Cumbrian, GFE Escort experience.

Ruth x

Masters of Sex

Have you been watching the Masters of Sex drama on Channel 4?This is a highly amusing, sexually charged, educational and quite revealing series based on the ground breaking research carried out by Dr William Masters in the 1950s. At the time very little was known about human sexuality which Masters identified it as a great opportunity to learn more about this basic, but very enjoyable human function. The series is based a book by Thomas Maier, chronicling the relationship between Masters and his assistant Virgina Johnson. In the first episode Masters is introduced via a conversation with a prostitute to the fact that women don’t always orgasm, that they sometimes fake it to please the man. What also becomes apparent is the lack experience of oral sex some people have, either through ignorance or social attitudes. Master’s own attitude towards his wife is also fairly shocking but also not unusual, some of the attitudes displayed do still prevail in society today.