Beast from the East

Here we are the in grip of Siberian weather, two thirds of the country seemingly struggling whilst here it’s mostly just COLD. Yes it’s freezing cold but for once my part of the Lake District is clear and dry. Plans for hill sprints were affected yesterday, so I found a clearish road to get in a few ‘strides’ instead. My training is going very well, injuries to a minimum and back up to full strength. I’ve also thrown in a few Park Runs and finished very well each time despite only doing a tiny amount of actual running training, and no significant cardiovascular work at all. I am still enjoying Yoga, and in the last few weeks have restarted Tai Chi. Sound in mind, body and soul is really important to me.

Speaking of mind, body and soul I have now obtained the specialist qualification I’ve been working towards for the last 18 months, this has come as a sort of anti-climax probably because the course took so much out of me. I’m not going to divulge the nature of the work here, but those who are know me well will know what I’m referring to. If you don’t and you are interested, don’t hesitate to ask me during your next booking.

I now have a set of photographic lights which means I can take a few of my own photos for use on here. Until now I’ve really struggled with lighting and I felt photos I took myself were never clear enough to really use on here. The lights were given to be as a Valentine’s present, which was incredibly thoughtful and amazing at the same time. A Valentine giving me the tools to improve my appeal!

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed I’m having a break at Easter, yes me taking 4 days off. I’m not very good at breaks I prefer to sort of chug along, having little evenings and days away as time to myself. Nope this time it’s 4 days of phone off, email off, me time. This starts on 30th March, finishes 2nd April – I’m working right up to and including 29th March, then my next day for a booking will be 3rd April. During my break I may answer direct emails if you are brief and to the point, any enquiries requiring more discussion/detail will have to wait until the 2nd when I’ll have a catch up session. If you text me over my break period there will not be any reply.

In the meantime I’m available as usual for outcalls in the South Lakes area and can travel much further with enough notice. I do also occasionally accept incalls, same fees and deposit requirement as outcalls. Just get in touch by email or phone call when you are ready to book, being as specific as you can with the details.

All the best for now, stay warm and if possible do enjoy the snow.

Ruth x

Whizzing into 2018

Wow January flew past so quickly with so much going on, I’ve only just noticed it’s been a while since I last blogged – so thank you to the person who kindly pointed this out.

My trip to Manchester was a great success despite my apprehension, I managed to fit a few things including a trip to the science museum which has a huge hall dedicated to the fabric industry. My relatives worked in the Lancashire cotton mills, so this is of great interest to me. I also fitted in a photoshoot but not until after attending the Beyond the Gaze conference. BtG as it is affectionately known is a very important, forward thinking piece of research into online sex work. The conference brought together academics, sex workers, police and support organisations all with the same agenda – to help understand and improve safety for providers of sexual services. I spent the entire day feeling supported and part of something positive, we were all ‘on the same page’.

Immediately after the conference I went straight to a photoshoot with the photographer I’ve been using for the last year or so, Phil has a fresh style, he doesn’t use any lighting not even flash and keeps any editing to an absolute minimum. Unfortunately Phil broke his foot soon after the shoot, so hasn’t yet been able to go through everything yet. The photos from his camera require a bit of resizing, after picking out which of the 600 are the best to use. I’ve popped a couple up which can be found towards the bottom of the photos page, and will add more as they become available. We also made another video this time can be viewed here it’s of me getting myself ready and is pretty much what I do before any booking. I don’t wear a lot of make-up I am not interested in plastering on a mask, I do however always make an effort to look my best enhancing rather than hiding my features.

New Year has also triggered a few new interests, I’ve taken up Yoga and I attended a one-day cookery course. I’ve been aware of the benefits of yoga for some time however I wasn’t sure if it was really for me, couldn’t make the set beginners classes and I also imagined the non-beginner classes would be full of experienced lithe and bendy yogis. A highly convenient opportunity arose for me to have a little go without pressure so I took advantage of this, paid my money and went along. I took to it like a duck to water, enjoyed it so much I’ve been to 5 classes in just over 3 weeks. I find yoga fits in perfectly with my training regime because it’s not taxing so doesn’t compete for energy resources, provides me with some great stretches and relaxation techniques. The venue and people involved are so warm and welcoming, that I come away feeling as if I’ve just been given a huge whole-body hug.

The cooking however is quite a different experience my relationship with food is often a difficult one, which can become a bit of a battle. I decided to go on a one day course to try and improve this, and also improve my appreciation of cooking. The one day experience certainly gave me a good insight into the sort of thing which goes into restaurant food, I don’t however foresee me ever recreating the recipes at home, not least because of the amount of wine which got splashed around. I have however been inspired enough to start buying and chopping shallots to add to my breakfast eggs and oats concoction, instead of using bags of chopped onion bought from the CO-OP frozen section.

I started February off with a Park Run if you don’t know these are casual running races held at the same time in numerous locations across the UK and the World. These days my I’m not training for running and in fact my coach doesn’t want me doing any significant amounts of running, or cardiovascular training in any form. I have therefore prepared from a very limited base of running, and was pleased to finish in the top half of the field, and very highly in my age category. Not bad for a rainy day in the lakes.

At the moment the only plans for the remainder of February are a rock night in a pub in a far off city, which I know I shall enjoy immensely, and possibly a DJ night closer to home. No more weekends away until the end of March which should give me time to finish off the never ending piece of coursework. I might get this Master Practitioner qualification yet!

Best push on

Ruth x

The beginning of the year

Here we are the beginning of 2018 and I’m so excited, 2017 was an amazing year for me. Against all odds and against all expectation I achieved the ultimate goal in my personal life, which was to compete as an international athlete. This passion of mine takes up a lot of time, requires a lot of dedication, planning, discomfort and pain. This only makes the rewards even sweeter, and I am so very proud to reach the standard required to take me to a life long ambition. Just in case you are wondering it doesn’t stop here, I still have plenty of ‘unfinished business’ so will be continuing my training regime.

The same applies to my Escorting during late 2016 an opportunity came my way, which meant with a little bit of effort and consideration I would be able to accommodate the occasional incall. I am pleased to say that this will continue on a 2 incall clients per week basis for the foreseeable future. Recently I have received a few text message enquiries claiming to have read my website, and to be respectful gentlemen, who then seem to think my phone number does not work. If you do read this website I do have to draw your attention to the ‘please do not use text for new client enquiries’ message on the contact me and FAQs page. Whilst I am happy to use text messages to make final arrangements or for repeat bookings, I find that not using them with anyone I’ve not yet met is proving to be a really effective screening method. Ok I know text messaging can be really convenient and discrete for some people, however if you really do wish to see me I need you to phone or email. First contact by text will always receive my ‘autoresponse’ of ‘This phone doesn’t not accept text messages’, the phone number does work if you call it and I endeavor to answer all emails within 24 hours if not sooner.

The sharp-eyed may have noticed that in January I have a visit to Manchester planned, during this visit I can offer a couple of incall or outcall bookings. Usual fees and deposit required. I shall also be having another photoshoot with the photographer I engaged with during 2016/17 who is responsible for the most recent photo sets, plus the videos I’ve received a lot of good feedback from. I’m hoping there’ll be a third video to add to my collection, possibly involving a tight pair of jeans and a satin camisole set.

That should pique your interest a little, in the meantime you can check out my galleries on my adultwork profile which I update every week or so from my own amateur camera hand.

On the studies front I’ve just completed a major piece of work which has gone for first marking, this training always involves a second marking after improving the first submission. I’ve found this a very interesting way to learn, it feels as if I can’t really get it wrong because I’ll be pointed in the direction I need to go to obtain the pass and the qualification. This course is Level 7 post-graduate standard so pretty heavy going at times, the course so far has taken 15 months of teaching and home study including 4 trips to London for the classroom part of the course. I’m looking forward to having the qualification under my belt, not least because it’s in a subject very close to my heart, another passion of mine!

I’ve revealed a couple of the passions which drive me of which my Escort clients are one, I always find bookings exciting and it’s so rewarding to make a difference to how a person feels about themselves. Here’s looking forward to more amazing experiences in 2018.

All the best
Ruth x

Christmas is almost here

Hey everyone it’s almost Christmas, this is just to let you know that I shall be available right across the festive period. This includes Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, and 2nd January. If booked in advance there’s even a chance of a booking on Christmas Day evening, as well as New Year’s Day.

I am now also available for bookings which include meals, although as ever I am just as happy spending time with you alone without any food intervention. A lot of you already know I don’t drink alcohol so offering me champagne, wine or anything else of that nature is going to be a bit of a waste of time.

In the New Year I’m looking forward to a very short stay in Manchester, during which I could accept one booking either incall or outcall. I shall also be having some new photographs taken towards the end of January so I can update my galleries. Please note I am still at least one dress size smaller, and even more toned than my photos on here. My figure will soften as I allow my bodyfat to increase slightly, but that process will be slow and controlled. I won’t be suddenly whooshing up into anything different (and that’s why there’s no rush for new photos). I do occasionally pop my own selfies onto my gallery, so please follow the link at the bottom of the photos page to view them.

All the best if I don’t see you soon, and if you do please ask me for your very own melting moment!

Warm kisses
R x

PS Following a recent disappointment and a few previously difficult situations(nothing too serious, simply folk thinking they’ll get away with it!), I’ve decided that Christmas is a good a time as any to remind you of my drugs and alcohol policy. If you are under the influence either when you make contact, or when we meet for our booking I will be unable to proceed, and any monies paid may be forfeit. I wish to feel at ease with you, and don’t want either of us to waste our time.

Life is like a box of chocolates

Except I don’t currently eat chocolate………….

I seem to remember this phrase being used by the character Forest Gump, played by Tom Hanks in the film of the same name (FG). Leonard Cohen also refers to the loss of chocolates in the box in the lyrics of his ‘Ain’t no diamonds in the Mine’.

For me people are the chocolates in my box, when I eat chocolates I like variety, I like the experience of different flavours and textures each one a unique combination. A box of the same flavour only numbs my taste buds, I need something to refresh, challenge and provide contrast. I find that my Escort clients are just as varied as the people I meet right across my life, a wide variety of ages, occupations, appearance and ability or disability. No matter who I meet I am usually able to find something in common to talk about, and really enjoy finding out about things which are new to me or I previously didn’t really know much about.

A quick update on My Focus

Success means I’m not staying small and lean for another 2 – 3 week, after which I’ll be able to once again offer occasional dinner date and bookings involving meals. I say occasional because I have a plan, also discretion and my own privacy mean I’m not in local eateries with different clients every week.

I’ve really enjoyed getting into such top shape this year, and being a slightly smaller than a size 8,but come last week on November it’s time to recover a bit.

In December I have some great social occasions to look forwards to, and January there’ll be a trip to Manchester. During this trip I’ll be having some more photos taken for this website, meeting with a few other ladies and also able to offer one or two bookings in the city during my stay. If you are interested and can truly be flexible, please get in touch via the usual methods (phone call, email or if I know you well and you use the same number as previously then text message).

Looking forward to more excitement and things to come.
Best regards

My focus

For the last 6 months my training and diet have become very strict as I decided to become a competitive athlete again. This year I have pushed myself even further than ever, the result has been that I’ve had to buy a new size 8 wardrobe – and lingerie in extra small. I’m the smallest and leanest I’ve ever been,I’ve been amazed at just how far I can push myself.

This very strict for me period should come to an end in the next few weeks, after which I’ll be able to accept dinner date and dinner date-overnights again. I also have a few things planned in my personal life to enjoy during a more ‘relaxed’ few months, which is going to make the next few months an exciting and varied time.

As ever don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like a booking with me, either now or in the future. Remember the more specifics you can supply, the easier it is for me to answer and feel at ease with you.

Warmest wishes as ever,

Ruth x

May I tempt you?

Someone has had fun creating a little pop music video for me, I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I have so I’ll just pop it here! Remember I’m available for outcalls across the south lakes, Cumbria and northwest area most days of the week.


This is the third blog in 2 weeks, so it must be something I feel passionate about.

It is about discretion and incalls. Unfortunately I’m finding that although most people are fine, a few aren’t always aware what discretion means. This year I started offering a couple of incall appointments each week, on the basis that it would be kept very discrete and low key. I enjoy being able to provide this and I know quite a few of you really appreciate it.

In order for me to continue feeling comfortable about this I do have to make a few requests. Whilst I am always overwhelmed when someone brings me a gift, if you bring one please don’t rush up to the door waving it about. Please pop it into a non-descript bag or your pocket. Also when leaving it’s really appreciated if you don’t stand outside telling me and any passers by or neighbours, what a nice time you’ve had and that you’ll be back in touch to rebook in a month or two.

If you have done this please don’t feel bad and don’t hesitate to rebook, I know the intention was to be polite I only wish to prevent any future compromises which could spoil our fun.

As I say I would like to continue to offer incall opportunities, so am asking for a bit of understanding and cooperation.

Warm regards
Ruth x

The real blog!

A few days ago I wrote a blog entry, which I realise was a bit disjointed and not a reflection of what has been going on at all. Thinking about it overnight I’ve decided I need to come back and write about what’s important to me.

During the last month or so I’ve been out galavanting at 2 rock nights and the Hacienda Classical when they performed at The Lytham Festival. The rock nights are held once a month in a smallish city not too far away consisting of a DJ playing rock and heavy metal tracks right through from the 1970s until now. Hacienda Classical is a live performance by an orchestra + original DJs from the famous Hacienda night club of the 1990s. My musical tastes vary widely, and I really like to dance but I’ll never be a boyband/x-factor/pop idol or whatever it is now type.

I’ve also been mulling over where I am right now. As some of you know a couple of years ago there was a major change in my life, which lead me to change some of how I operate as an Escort. At the time I was finishing my professional training in a different field and I thought that I’d naturally start to wind down to move into that occupation. Also after my initial move the changes did create a lull in my bookings. Since then however a new motivation has emerged, and I’ve found that I’ve become restablished again. Reflecting on this recently I’ve realised that I don’t want to quit, I have some fabulous clients, and some fabulous bookings. I find being an Escort really exciting, and to be completely honest gives me a good income and flexibility which I can use in my other interests. As far as I’m concerned I’m carrying on and have reduced activities in at least one other area of my life. I am very happy where I am, and look forward to this continuing until I do reach a natural end point.

So there I am, my thoughts and experiences for the last month or so, and I feel as if I’m right back where I belong.

Best regards as ever,

Ruth x