Whiter than White

How do you clean yours?

Wow, I can’t stop looking in the mirror at my teeth. After getting fed up of seeing ever growing coffee stains building up, I decided to investigate some tooth whitening at a local dentist.

The thing that has made the biggest difference however, is not the actual whitening procedure – it was having a simple scale and polish, and learning how to clean my teeth properly.

For years I thought that 2 minutes, twice a day was perfectly adequate. Whenever I went for a check up the dentist did wave these interdental brushes at me, and mentioned some plaque build up but nothing much was done about it. I’d gotten through childhood without any fillings, and thought the few I’ve had since then were purely a life thing.

When I approached a different dentist for whitening, I was told I had quite a bit of build up at the back of my teeth, and prescribed a full scale and polish before going further. The scale and polish made an immediate, noticeable difference. So much so I have found myself stopping to look at the results. This has motivated me to clean all sides of my teeth, and use interdental brushes – I want to maintain this new cleaner state.

The cosmetic whitening process has now started, which consists of wearing some mouth trays containing peroxide gel for 2 hours each night. This should be finished by the end of this week, and already I’m so, so pleased with the results. I can’t stop smiling!

Ruth x


Many of you have missed seeing me incall, and I’m pleased to announce that it looks like I will have opportunity to start offering them again during 2017.

Safety, discretion and privacy are my priority. I will only be able to offer a maximum of 1 incall per day, no exceptions. For that reason places will be limited to regular clients I have seen in the last few years, and who use their previous contact methods (phone number or email address) with me, or new clients prepared to pay their first hour in advance as a deposit. To avoid address mix ups, and to maintain privacy I will meet you in a public place before showing you to my door.

If you are unable to agree to any of the above, I will only be able to visit you outcall.

Looking forward to this next exciting development.

First overnight in a long time

I think my last overnight was at least 12 months ago, and I’ve not had a dinnerdate since either November or December last year. This is mostly due to the level of training and strict diet I’ve put myself through, as well as simply not being asked. So when I received a booking which included dinner, a concert, an overnight stay in a city just about 1 hour from me, I was really excited. This is just what I needed after all my hard work this year, and on top of the get to see a rejigged Beautiful South at the end of their tour.

I’m always anxious before a booking, not least an overnight. I suppose you might call it ‘performance anxiety’, part of me wants to just not go, the other part of me is excited and apprehensive. A relaxed train ride across the bay got me to my destination, and I met him close to our hotel. After a cup of tea (coffee for me), listening to some music I’d brought we headed out to grab a bite to eat. Our meal was chinese which gave me opportunity to show off my limited chop-stick skills. A short walk wrapped up for the cold night got us to the venue which threatened to not let us in. We’d purposely taken our time with the meal, not wanting to sit for the usual half an hour, then support before the main act. Unfortunately due to the cold night the theatre decided to shut it’s doors, a bit of knocking however alerted door staff who let us in. Another black coffee to keep me awake (I have a tendency to fall asleep if I get relaxed, or am in one place for a long time), and The South were on. Their lively numbers did keep my toe tapping, which combined with the coffee kept me awake right until the end. A romantic walk past trees adorned with festive lights, holding hands brought us back to our room for the night. A decaff coffee and bar of Lindt chocolate in bed completed my treat for the night. In the morning a lie in, relaxed breakfast in our room (him disgestive biscuits, me oats and whey protein) and another 2 black coffees (both decaffs) got me on my way to the railway station.

As I often do I went away feeling uplifted and extremely smiley, a lovely night out, good company and I get paid for it! What more can I ask for?

Warm wishes

Busy month

My feet have hardly touched the ground it seems. I’ve been to London twice for 4 days each time, during which I managed to cram in not only attending a very intensive training course, but also 3 bookings and a photo shoot, plus a hotel incall day in the northwest.

The photos are by someone who has a different style to the boudoir photographer I usually use. This was something I’d wanted for a while, firstly to update my pics and secondly show me in a more natural light. I’ve put a few of the new photos towards the bottom on my gallery, they have ‘Oct 2016’ written under them so you know they are the ones. Hope you like them. In December I’ll be visiting Nicola again for another boudoir-style shoot, which should be ready to upload between Christmas and New Year. Between them both photographers capture my down-to-earth nature, to show off my gorgeous soft skin, beautiful smile, and very trim figure. The lingerie in my photos is all mine, and an example of the sort of thing I wear to all my bookings – unless I’m told otherwise.

On the subject of bookings I’d like to make sure that when arranging a first booking, on the day of your advance booking I ask for ‘by’ 9am – which means any time before 9am. A few people have misunderstood and thought I was asking for confirmation ‘at’ 9am, which can cause a problem if something comes up or you forget and only remember half an hour later, or you have a meeting at say 9am. This way you can call any time from the moment I turn my phone on, which is currently from 7am each morning. I hope this explanation helps.

Looking forward I have a few other trips planned, but these will be purely personal time, no time or space for sexy shenanigans.

My availability page is regularly updated with days

Overnights and dinner dates now available

I’ve decided that after a long, successful period this year I’m now going to start easing off the strict diet and training regime. My aim is to recover, be a little more relaxed, whilst getting stronger ready for my next competitive bout next year.

The main change for anyone interested in my Escort availability is that Dinner dates and Overnight bookings will now be possible once again.

A dinner date is usually 4 hours outcall including a meal, plus private time and this can be at any time, evening or lunchtime. True northerners have dinner at midday!

Overnights often start at 6.30pm running through to 8am the following morning. I require at least 5-6 hours sleep during an overnight, and meals are totally optional I really do not mind, but do need to know what to expect at the time you place your booking.

It’s also worth noting I am tee-total, and drug-free. This means I’m totally unsuitable for a boozy overnight or dinner, and it’s also not polite to try and persuade me to ‘go on just have one’.

If you like to bring a gift a scented candle is still always preferable, to cheese or chocolate.

The changes in my regime do mean a change in my figure, I’ll no longer be as ripped and lean as I have been. I won’t suddenly become unfit overnight, I will be gaining a few pounds but at the moment I’m still a good 10lbs less, and almost a dress size smaller than the professional photos show on this website.

I look forward to some great times ahead.

Ruth x

Scorching hot

It’s been a fantastic couple of days, the weather has been so brilliant I’ve really enjoyed it. Being fair-skinned, with an active mind I’m not a sunbather, the property I live in is also very cool and shady in the summer months which has been lovely.

The warm mornings have meant I can do my outside training in very minimal kit, and this afternoon I really enjoyed my hill sprints in the sunlight. Whilst I was apprehensive at first about the heat, I found I was just fine which I think is a result of the combination of my high water intake, currently being very slim and also very fit. The gym I train in doesn’t have the benefit of air con, it’s a building which gets direct sunlight and is very warm. Once again I’ve been very apprehensive about training during the heatwave, however I’ve been totally fine. Slick with sweat when I finish, but it’s a lot more fun than training covered up in the layers I’ve had to wear throughout winter.

During very hot weather I tend to turn up bare legged, with pretty but minimal lingerie on underneath. My new Trixie Lou by Pleasure State set in pale, shell pink and navy blue went down a treat with a denim dress thrown over the top, teamed with sandal flats. I really enjoy travelling to outcalls in the lakes area during the summer months, some of the views are stunning, and the light nights just feel like they extend the day so much.

I’m available as usual throughout August, I don’t have any trips away planned, but there are some evenings when I might not be available for personal reasons. The remainder of the time I can be very flexible, if you provide me with plenty of notice. Short notice bookings are sometimes possible if I’m available and if you provide me with accomodation/address details, and pay your deposit by the method described. Regular and established clients are welcome to book without this requirement.

All the best

New clients

In the last 12 months there has been a big change in my Escorting, I moved location slightly and only offer outcall bookings. Because of high incidence of unreliability in new clients I started requiring a deposit for a first appointment. In this time I’ve met some great new clients, and also continued to see quite a few regular clients who I’ve gotten to know over a number of years. On the whole this has worked out really well fitting in, and around other things I do in my life.

I continue to Escort because I find it exciting, and get a thrill from being able to look gorgeous and make someone’s day.

Unfortunately there have been some problems. Although I lay out my booking requirements on this website, and always explain what I need when I receive booking enquiries, I have found myself having to chase and ask quite a few times for really basic information. This is usually carried out by email or text message which can take some time. My other occupation and training isn’t compatible with constantly checking my phone. I also prefer to go about my day knowing that everything has been arranged, and is in place so I can concentrate on getting ready and arriving feeling relaxed. Spending hours exchanging messages isn’t how I wish to spend my day. I also often drive or cycle to the places I need to be, and whilst I’m doing this I cannot reply in the typed word. I can however often accept phone calls via my handsfree kit.

In short following up and arranging Escort bookings with most, but not all new clients are starting to spoil the fun. For this reason I need to take a step back. For now I’m going to focus on clients I’ve built up a regular pattern with. If you are a new client who has read this website, understand my requirements and can provide information easily, then I’ll be more than happy to see you. If you have seen me in the past and get in touch on a new number, new email, new name you must provide me with your previous contact details – telling me you are John and describing past fixtures and fittings just isn’t enough. I need to know you are reliable and that we had a good relationships in the past.

I also wish to acknowledge the new clients who have been absolutely great, have understood and sent me everything I needed to enable us to have a successful booking.

Thank you also to everyone reading this for bearing with me whilst I explain my current situation.

All the best

Some new incall and ‘tour’ dates – London and Lancaster

In July I will be visiting the Lancaster area, and able to see a couple of clients either incall or outcall during my stay. Dates and times possible are 3pm-6pm or 10pm-midnight 5th July, or 8am-11.30am 6th July. Please note that wherever stated the latest time is ALWAYS the finishing time, not sure how else anyone could operate!

I shall then be back in the area afternoon of 16th, through to 11.30am morning of 17th July.

During the month of October I shall be taking a one-off trip to London. It is rare I visit London, probably once every year and rare I ever see Escort clients whilst in London – last time was 3 years ago!!!This isn’t going to become a repeatable habit, I’m in the city on a course and thought I’d take the opportunity to see if any of the many London enquiries I’ve had would be able to make it. I shall therefore be offering 1 booking per night on 6th, 7th, 20th and 21st October. Daytime or any other times will not be available.

For all of these trips I will require a deposit from anyone new to me, as well as anyone I’ve either no established a pattern with, or not seen for a long time. If you have seen me before you’ll need to identify yourself by using a number, or email address you’ve used to book me in the past.

So the enjoyable bit, as always my genuine GFE is on offer, I’ll pack at least 2 sets from my lingerie collection, with some stockings, heels and a dress or skirt and blouse. Because I have to pack for both the course, and bring all my fitness training kit along, I won’t be able to bring a huge selection, but what I do bring will be nice.

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of my visits, please get in touch stating time, date, location and duration required. We can then start to make definite plans.

Best regards
Ruth x

In ‘condition’

Yes as a result of a lot of hard training and dieting, I’m what is known as ‘in-condition’. My bodyfat is very low, my body is very lean and I’ve kept my fabulous shape. I’m now around a size 8, a very toned, but also shapely size 8. No saggy bottom here. As I think I’ve previously mentioned, my services are still the same GFE I haven’t grown 2 horns overnight, and I never judge anyone else on their lifestyle choices or abilities.

What has been interesting have been the comments about me being this defined meaning I’m going to beat them around the room. My fitness, and training has nothing to do with violence or wanting to hurt anyone, quite the opposite when I’m not in a training session I want to be resting and chilled out, not doing anything on the offensive. Funny what people say and think!

My hard work is now paying off in spades, I’m a champion and also have a 2nd place trophy. I’m really enjoying competing again, and am really becoming very polished.

There have been times when I’ve been very difficult to book, days when I just am totally not available. I am however now in a bit of a lee, which means I’ve more days at my disposal and my energy levels are back to normal.

I will be available for 1 booking per day over the Bank Holiday, and every day next week apart from Tuesday and Friday.

So what are you waiting for?The chance to book a gorgeous, athletic woman who knows her own mind and body?Just get in touch letting me know your prefered time, date, location and booking length, and I’ll let you know what is possible.

All the best
Ruth x

Where I am….

….at the moment my training and dieting is very serious, so I’m sticking very much to my regular clients, and those who are in the south lakes area. I have recently spoken to someone who I’d like to see as a client in Carlisle, but I really don’t fancy the drive or the commitment to the best part of a day away at the moment. Perhaps this will change, but I’d rather under commit, than over commit. Because of my training, and dietary requirements overnight and dinner dates are not currently available, they will return however later in the year.

One of the many things clients are often surprised about during this stage of my training is how soft my skin is, I’m drinking a ton of water, eating only pure foods (nothing processed), and in the shower scrubbing (exfoliating) and then moisturising my skin daily. This gives me a clear complexion, and the softest skin imaginable. If only I could bottle it!

On the personal front I’ve acheived my post-graduate award, and I am still in a state of total disbelief. My passions lie in several areas, which I’m hoping to develop further, and have booked myself onto a couple of other courses which lie within my areas of interest.

In the meantime I’m taking a few bookings per week, and would like to warn you that I am in very lean, very toned condition. As I often say this doesn’t mean I judge you, it is merely something I chose to do. Those who do know my history will know that I’ve been there as far as being out of shape goes, and even when I’m engrossed in my fitness life I still have my struggles. Over Easter it felt as if chocolate was everywhere I looked, and it was like torture!

A few people have been in touch recently who have wanted to book me, but who didn’t want to decide on a location until the day. Please do note that I consider a booking a definite arrangement, and cannot make a commitment, nor accept a deposit until I know exactly where the booking will be taking place. If you’d like to make a booking in the south lakes area, just get in touch, let me know where you are staying, the time you’d like to start and finish, and I can then let you know what is or isn’t possible.

All the best
Ruth x