Posted: 29-11-2016

Whiter than White

Wow, I can’t stop looking in the mirror at my teeth. After getting fed up of seeing ever growing coffee stains building up, I decided to investigate some tooth whitening at a local dentist.

The thing that has made the biggest difference however, is not the actual whitening procedure – it was having a simple scale and polish, and learning how to clean my teeth properly.

For years I thought that 2 minutes, twice a day was perfectly adequate. Whenever I went for a check up the dentist did wave these interdental brushes at me, and mentioned some plaque build up but nothing much was done about it. I’d gotten through childhood without any fillings, and thought the few I’ve had since then were purely a life thing.

When I approached a different dentist for whitening, I was told I had quite a bit of build up at the back of my teeth, and prescribed a full scale and polish before going further. The scale and polish made an immediate, noticeable difference. So much so I have found myself stopping to look at the results. This has motivated me to clean all sides of my teeth, and use interdental brushes – I want to maintain this new cleaner state.

The cosmetic whitening process has now started, which consists of wearing some mouth trays containing peroxide gel for 2 hours each night. This should be finished by the end of this week, and already I’m so, so pleased with the results. I can’t stop smiling!

Ruth x