Posted: 04-04-2016

Where I am

….at the moment my training and dieting is very serious, so I’m sticking very much to my regular clients, and those who are in the south lakes area. I have recently spoken to someone who I’d like to see as a client in Carlisle, but I really don’t fancy the drive or the commitment to the best part of a day away at the moment. Perhaps this will change, but I’d rather under commit, than over commit. Because of my training, and dietary requirements overnight and dinner dates are not currently available, they will return however later in the year.

One of the many things clients are often surprised about during this stage of my training is how soft my skin is, I’m drinking a ton of water, eating only pure foods (nothing processed), and in the shower scrubbing (exfoliating) and then moisturising my skin daily. This gives me a clear complexion, and the softest skin imaginable. If only I could bottle it!

On the personal front I’ve acheived my post-graduate award, and I am still in a state of total disbelief. My passions lie in several areas, which I’m hoping to develop further, and have booked myself onto a couple of other courses which lie within my areas of interest.

In the meantime I’m taking a few bookings per week, and would like to warn you that I am in very lean, very toned condition. As I often say this doesn’t mean I judge you, it is merely something I chose to do. Those who do know my history will know that I’ve been there as far as being out of shape goes, and even when I’m engrossed in my fitness life I still have my struggles. Over Easter it felt as if chocolate was everywhere I looked, and it was like torture!

A few people have been in touch recently who have wanted to book me, but who didn’t want to decide on a location until the day. Please do note that I consider a booking a definite arrangement, and cannot make a commitment, nor accept a deposit until I know exactly where the booking will be taking place. If you’d like to make a booking in the south lakes area, just get in touch, let me know where you are staying, the time you’d like to start and finish, and I can then let you know what is or isn’t possible.

All the best