Posted: 01-11-2020

The scent of perfume

The photoshoot went ahead as planned, as always I came away feeling boosted and motivated. Not least to organise my burgeoning stocking and lingerie collection. Without making a sweeping gender generalisation, I find female photographers help develop my sense of style whereas male photographers a fun clearer side. I may however be proven wrong, and in the spring all being well hope to have a shoot with the opposite gender as part of my London visit. London did I say London, and yes exactly the same dates give or take one day as this year. Will I jinx the nation once again, have I been too hasty? But a training course I really need to attend has arisen, so I have put my money down booked the course, booked accommodation but not yet looked at train times.

One sense photographs as well as online sessions cannot communicate is aroma and smell, even if that is simply the smell of me or you (AN other person), plus of course taste which goes so hand in hand with the sense of smell.

For me smells, perfumes, aromas are mood inducing. I really am sensitive to the smell of different seasons, especially during seasons of change such as autumn or spring. Application of perfume influences my mood, sometimes I match perfume to my mood, sometimes I use it to create the mood. It is no surprise that aromatherapy has become something I have become interested in in the last few years. Yes I am one of those people with a little drawer of essential oils who uses sweet almond or calendula instead of baby oil. A willing volunteer even agreed to let me use one of my own concoctions not too long ago, both of use really liked it and I used the remainder on my own skin for days afterwards.

A few of you will know I like scented candles, some of which have been thoughtfully given as gifts. Sometimes I have thought the candle is a light applied perfume, the tones of the candle so. I also use enjoy using incense during meditations I bought some white sage back in March after hearing about it’s supposed banishing negativity properties. I do not know how much is influenced by the suggestion, but I do feel lifted when I burn it. Also sandalwood and frankincense either oil form or incense for grounding.

Back to perfume last year I discovered Lou Lou again, the old familiar scent I wore in the 1990s. This I will wear if I know you are ok with perfume, otherwise I choose a scented body lotion which is much less imposing. Perhaps Bodyshop Shea, or Neom Great Day.

Of course you have to be with me in person until technology is developed to transmit this quality to your nostrils online, wouldn’t that just be amazing – the sense of scent without it being with you?