Posted: 04-01-2018

The beginning of the year

Here we are the beginning of 2018 and I’m so excited, 2017 was an amazing year for me. Against all odds and against all expectation I achieved the ultimate goal in my personal life, which was to compete as an international athlete. This passion of mine takes up a lot of time, requires a lot of dedication, planning, discomfort and pain. This only makes the rewards even sweeter, and I am so very proud to reach the standard required to take me to a life long ambition. Just in case you are wondering it doesn’t stop here, I still have plenty of ‘unfinished business’ so will be continuing my training regime.

The same applies to my Escorting during late 2016 an opportunity came my way, which meant with a little bit of effort and consideration I would be able to accommodate the occasional incall. I am pleased to say that this will continue on a 2 incall clients per week basis for the foreseeable future. Recently I have received a few text message enquiries claiming to have read my website, and to be respectful gentlemen, who then seem to think my phone number does not work. If you do read this website I do have to draw your attention to the ‘please do not use text for new client enquiries’ message on the contact me and FAQs page. Whilst I am happy to use text messages to make final arrangements or for repeat bookings, I find that not using them with anyone I’ve not yet met is proving to be a really effective screening method. Ok I know text messaging can be really convenient and discrete for some people, however if you really do wish to see me I need you to phone or email. First contact by text will always receive my ‘autoresponse’ of ‘This phone doesn’t not accept text messages’, the phone number does work if you call it and I endeavor to answer all emails within 24 hours if not sooner.

The sharp-eyed may have noticed that in January I have a visit to Manchester planned, during this visit I can offer a couple of incall or outcall bookings. Usual fees and deposit required. I shall also be having another photoshoot with the photographer I engaged with during 2016/17 who is responsible for the most recent photo sets, plus the videos I’ve received a lot of good feedback from. I’m hoping there’ll be a third video to add to my collection, possibly involving a tight pair of jeans and a satin camisole set.

That should pique your interest a little, in the meantime you can check out my galleries on my adultwork profile which I update every week or so from my own amateur camera hand.

On the studies front I’ve just completed a major piece of work which has gone for first marking, this training always involves a second marking after improving the first submission. I’ve found this a very interesting way to learn, it feels as if I can’t really get it wrong because I’ll be pointed in the direction I need to go to obtain the pass and the qualification. This course is Level 7 post-graduate standard so pretty heavy going at times, the course so far has taken 15 months of teaching and home study including 4 trips to London for the classroom part of the course. I’m looking forward to having the qualification under my belt, not least because it’s in a subject very close to my heart, another passion of mine!

I’ve revealed a couple of the passions which drive me of which my Escort clients are one, I always find bookings exciting and it’s so rewarding to make a difference to how a person feels about themselves. Here’s looking forward to more amazing experiences in 2018.

All the best