Posted: 29-05-2016

Some new incall and tour dates - London and Lancaster

In July I will be visiting the Lancaster area, and able to see a couple of clients either incall or outcall during my stay. Dates and times possible are 3pm-6pm or 10pm-midnight 5th July, or 8am-11.30am 6th July. Please note that wherever stated the latest time is ALWAYS the finishing time, not sure how else anyone could operate!

I shall then be back in the area afternoon of 16th, through to 11.30am morning of 17th July.

During the month of October I shall be taking a one-off trip to London. It is rare I visit London, probably once every year and rare I ever see Escort clients whilst in London – last time was 3 years ago!!!This isn’t going to become a repeatable habit, I’m in the city on a course and thought I’d take the opportunity to see if any of the many London enquiries I’ve had would be able to make it. I shall therefore be offering 1 booking per night on 6th, 7th, 20th and 21st October. Daytime or any other times will not be available.

For all of these trips I will require a deposit from anyone new to me, as well as anyone I’ve either no established a pattern with, or not seen for a long time. If you have seen me before you’ll need to identify yourself by using a number, or email address you’ve used to book me in the past.

So the enjoyable bit, as always my genuine GFE is on offer, I’ll pack at least 2 sets from my lingerie collection, with some stockings, heels and a dress or skirt and blouse. Because I have to pack for both the course, and bring all my fitness training kit along, I won’t be able to bring a huge selection, but what I do bring will be nice.

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of my visits, please get in touch stating time, date, location and duration required. We can then start to make definite plans.

Best regards