Posted: 20-07-2016

Scorching hot

It’s been a fantastic couple of days, the weather has been so brilliant I’ve really enjoyed it. Being fair-skinned, with an active mind I’m not a sunbather, the property I live in is also very cool and shady in the summer months which has been lovely.

The warm mornings have meant I can do my outside training in very minimal kit, and this afternoon I really enjoyed my hill sprints in the sunlight. Whilst I was apprehensive at first about the heat, I found I was just fine which I think is a result of the combination of my high water intake, currently being very slim and also very fit. The gym I train in doesn’t have the benefit of air con, it’s a building which gets direct sunlight and is very warm. Once again I’ve been very apprehensive about training during the heatwave, however I’ve been totally fine. Slick with sweat when I finish, but it’s a lot more fun than training covered up in the layers I’ve had to wear throughout winter.

During very hot weather I tend to turn up bare legged, with pretty but minimal lingerie on underneath. My new Trixie Lou by Pleasure State set in pale, shell pink and navy blue went down a treat with a denim dress thrown over the top, teamed with sandal flats. I really enjoy travelling to outcalls in the lakes area during the summer months, some of the views are stunning, and the light nights just feel like they extend the day so much.

I’m available as usual throughout August, I don’t have any trips away planned, but there are some evenings when I might not be available for personal reasons. The remainder of the time I can be very flexible, if you provide me with plenty of notice. Short notice bookings are sometimes possible if I’m available and if you provide me with accomodation/address details, and pay your deposit by the method described. Regular and established clients are welcome to book without this requirement.

All the best