Posted: 01-09-2016

Overnights and dinner dates now available

I’ve decided that after a long, successful period this year I’m now going to start easing off the strict diet and training regime. My aim is to recover, be a little more relaxed, whilst getting stronger ready for my next competitive bout next year.

The main change for anyone interested in my Escort availability is that Dinner dates and Overnight bookings will now be possible once again.

A dinner date is usually 4 hours outcall including a meal, plus private time and this can be at any time, evening or lunchtime. True northerners have dinner at midday!

Overnights often start at 6.30pm running through to 8am the following morning. I require at least 5-6 hours sleep during an overnight, and meals are totally optional I really do not mind, but do need to know what to expect at the time you place your booking.

It’s also worth noting I am tee-total, and drug-free. This means I’m totally unsuitable for a boozy overnight or dinner, and it’s also not polite to try and persuade me to ‘go on just have one’.

If you like to bring a gift a scented candle is still always preferable, to cheese or chocolate.

The changes in my regime do mean a change in my figure, I’ll no longer be as ripped and lean as I have been. I won’t suddenly become unfit overnight, I will be gaining a few pounds but at the moment I’m still a good 10lbs less, and almost a dress size smaller than the professional photos show on this website.

I look forward to some great times ahead.