Posted: 10-05-2015

On the subject of elections

Wow, what a change. The elections didn’t go the way I wished for, but as ever I had shown my party colours, and of course voted on the day. All very important to me.

I did notice a lull in interest in bookings for polling day, so on Thursday afternoon decided to use the time wisely. I took myself off to a coffee shop with my Kindle, a few text books and a highlighter pen to get on with some course-reading over a thick, black coffee.

The following day provided the shock announcement that the SNP had more or less wiped out Scotland, and the Lib Dems also saw a huge backlash. The next five years is surely going to be very interesting.

I did see a surge in new client enquiries on results day, however I already had my hands full, fully booked with a couple of regular clients.

That evening I sat down to listen to what must be one of the best episodes of Dead Ringers, an absolute classic. I had to listen to it twice again before the novelty wore off.

I also wanted to give Ed Miliband a cuddle.

At the end of the 48 hours that is polling and results day, I curled up with more academic reading before falling asleep mind and body exhausted.

Ruth x