Posted: 17-02-2016

On balance

This week a client gave me a piece of advice, or I should probably say clarified something for me about my life, which really makes a lot of sense, and has had me thinking about it ever since.

It’s about me continuing as an Escort. I’ve been through a lot of changes in the last 8 or 9 years, specificially the last 6 years, my life is moving on and my Escort life is started to clash with the other things I now have. On the other hand I really like the excitement of going out on bookings which I enjoy very much, and of course the rate of pay. The person who started off this discussion was speaking from the heart, it wasn’t a ‘disgusted get out of this’, and it wasn’t a patronising ‘this is what you should do luv’, it was a very genuine reflection of where I am and where I am headed.

I don’t currently have any plans to quit as yet, I have however already in the last 6 months made changes which it very difficult for clients to book me – my screening is high. I’m outcall only, making sure that I only see clients I’m comfortable with. I also brought in the requirement of a deposit for anyone new to me, who I haven’t established a regular pattern of visits with, or who hasn’t booked me for quite a few years. In that way I’m really slowing down, is this the beginning of the end I really do not know?

I’ve gained so much as an Escort, the ability to be self-employed and be financially independent has enabled me to do so much. It’s allowed me to change so much in my life in so many ways.

I’ll be sad to leave, and it’ll be hard to quit but I know it’ll be the right thing to do.

Best regards