Posted: 06-09-2017


This is the third blog in 2 weeks, so it must be something I feel passionate about.

It is about discretion and incalls. Unfortunately I’m finding that although most people are fine, a few aren’t always aware what discretion means. This year I started offering a couple of incall appointments each week, on the basis that it would be kept very discrete and low key. I enjoy being able to provide this and I know quite a few of you really appreciate it.

In order for me to continue feeling comfortable about this I do have to make a few requests. Whilst I am always overwhelmed when someone brings me a gift, if you bring one please don’t rush up to the door waving it about. Please pop it into a non-descript bag or your pocket. Also when leaving it’s really appreciated if you don’t stand outside telling me and any passers by or neighbours, what a nice time you’ve had and that you’ll be back in touch to rebook in a month or two.

If you have done this please don’t feel bad and don’t hesitate to rebook, I know the intention was to be polite I only wish to prevent any future compromises which could spoil our fun.

As I say I would like to continue to offer incall opportunities, so am asking for a bit of understanding and cooperation.

Warm regards
Ruth x