Posted: 28-04-2016

In condition

Yes as a result of a lot of hard training and dieting, I’m what is known as ‘in-condition’. My bodyfat is very low, my body is very lean and I’ve kept my fabulous shape. I’m now around a size 8, a very toned, but also shapely size 8. No saggy bottom here. As I think I’ve previously mentioned, my services are still the same GFE I haven’t grown 2 horns overnight, and I never judge anyone else on their lifestyle choices or abilities.

What has been interesting have been the comments about me being this defined meaning I’m going to beat them around the room. My fitness, and training has nothing to do with violence or wanting to hurt anyone, quite the opposite when I’m not in a training session I want to be resting and chilled out, not doing anything on the offensive. Funny what people say and think!

My hard work is now paying off in spades, I’m a champion and also have a 2nd place trophy. I’m really enjoying competing again, and am really becoming very polished.

There have been times when I’ve been very difficult to book, days when I just am totally not available. I am however now in a bit of a lee, which means I’ve more days at my disposal and my energy levels are back to normal.

I will be available for 1 booking per day over the Bank Holiday, and every day next week apart from Tuesday and Friday.

So what are you waiting for?The chance to book a gorgeous, athletic woman who knows her own mind and body?Just get in touch letting me know your prefered time, date, location and booking length, and I’ll let you know what is possible.

All the best