Posted: 03-04-2021

Green shoots of spring

The Green shoots of spring seemed to start with my first dose of Covid-19 vaccine now 5 weeks ago, very timely it seemed discovering myself eligible ahead of my age group and health status with enough time to enable cover before my London trip. The reason for attending an event in London confirmed a week or so before I discovered eligibility for the vaccine, as valid under current restrictions. Having paid a fee of many hundreds to attend, hotel booked, I finally booked train tickets.

London became a very relaxing trip, very enjoyable because despite my apprehension I found the enforced break in my routine, unable to do many of the things I fill my time with – greatly refreshing. I now understand why trips away are important for many people.

Having received the first dose of vaccine and gone through a day or two of side effects, this does not mean I will be dropping my practices adopted in 2020. In the past I have in the midst of throws of passion, encountered diesel, cigarette, other traces of life on fingers placed in my mouth and other places. I am therefore aiming to continue the ‘please wash hands on arrival’ when hosting, and doing the same when I arrive at yours. Only polite. The 1 Escort booking per 2 days still applies until at least 3 weeks after my second dose. I still wish to keep chances of ‘testing the vaccine’ to a minimum. Also I have really enjoyed being free of colds, and wish to keep this status for as long as possible. Although I will be off to the gym as soon as possible, I do not envisage rushing into pubs, restaurants, gigs anytime soon.

On my return home from London I went straight to hand-wash, strip, shower, mouthwash even thought I had not snogged anyone on the train. It makes me feel better, so I do it.