Posted: 04-09-2014


Towards the end of my recent break I attended a local street performers festival. In previous years I have often seen clients around the festival, or had other events coincide which meant I couldn’t concentrate fully on the festival. This year however I made sure I had the whole 3 days to attend, invited a friend to stay and took things easy. Town was absolutely packed, and so many acts meant lots to see and do. Les Krilati performed some stunning acrobatics feats, and Ramshacklicious’ Grime left me with a definite bad taste, sickly sweet smell in my nose. This festival is taking a break next year so I was really very pleased to be able to spend time the time I did enjoying it in full.

During September my availability is going to become constricted again around other commitments which recommence at this time. I also need to take on full day to allow some essential maintenance at incall place, and one day in October to attend a photoshoot I have booked.

As I’ve already mentioned since my last shoot I have lost some weight, and I was also unhappy about the way my hair was styled in the shoot. I have rarely used direct heat on my hair, I simply wash, condition, towel and let it dry naturally. Straightening and curling made my hair dry, rough and tangled. It was damaging the ends and you couldn’t run your hands through is so I stopped the curling and went back to my old routine. It’s now soft, shiny and flowing which feels lovely on my naked shoulders, and I’d like this to be reflected in the new photos.

In the meantime I have heard from a couple of regular clients that they would like me to be able to go back to offering morning bookings. I have clients who can only see me at certain times, and also have various other commitments to work in and around. What I need to do is find a way to offer availability that (a) is possible whilst allowing me time to sleep and do the million other things I need to keep myself tip top (b) is convenient for the majority of clients who value seeing me and (c) that I am happy with. There are also only 24 hours in the day and sod’s law is that I’ll never please everyone. As some of my commitments change I am going to be trying to work out a new pattern of availability. As some of you know there are certain things I cannot change, but where I can I’ll be looking at the times which are the most popular, based around regular bookings and aiming to be available at those times. So thanks for the feedback and do watch this space. If you are a regular client who does want a morning booking, please do let me know as far in advance as you can and I’ll be as flexible as I can. Please do note however that on Wednesdays from 17th September through to mid December I will not be available, and this cannot be altered.

Ruth x