Posted: 09-11-2014


thought it was all over during the week, but then last night it started all over again. Social media was full of incidents of scared dogs running away from owners, and partys in full flow.

I settled down to an evening in front of iplayer, and before I knew where I was it was past midnight and time for bed. Oh the glamour of a Saturday night in!

Today I’d like to extend an apology, for the last couple of months I’ve been a little distracted and I have a feeling this has affected how I have been with some enquiries and in my bookings. This isn’t how I wish to be and it’s not made me very happy either. If I’ve been grumpy or strange then I do apologise. It isn’t however to be confused with being assertive or not, as one client put it last week, what attracted him was the fact he felt I was very much in control of what I do, how I go about things and yes that is quite true. I know what I want, the standards I expect and I go and get it!

Thanks for reading,

Ruth x