Posted: 29-10-2019

Cawdel how do you like yours

Mine is strong, black and velvety I am admittedly obsessed with coffee, I have several methods of preparation including a stove-top espresso maker, stainless steel cafetiere, pod machine as well as my own portable pot of instant for trips away from home. The espresso and cafetiere use ground coffee, recently I was lucky enough to try Kopi Luwack (KL) one of the most expensive coffees in the world. It is best you don’t know what happens to the coffee beans as they pass through the digestive system of the Civet cat, it is also important to avoid the unethically ‘farmed’ KL. I managed to get a good 3 cafetieres from the pack every cup savoured, working out at little more than the same number of cups from one of the coffee chains. Although I suspect some of the savouring may have been driven by an awareness of the rarity cost I am convinced KL coffee has a certain ‘edge’ to it.

This week I am back to my usual sources, and also back to my ‘if I see an advert or promotion for a chain coffee I will go buy one from an independent outlet’. I started this when I noticed one particular chain offering free coffee from their automatic machines in service stations and shops. I cannot stand these machines some of which even eminante noises to try recreate the coffee shop atmosphere. I much prefer interacting with a real person, exchanging a word, a smile, eye contact I find lifts my day and just provides that human feedback which isn’t possible with a piece of plastic and metal.