Posted: 27-04-2015

Busy busy busy

Yes that is me right now, busy in all areas of my life!

I’ve just added a statement to the home page which declares that I am not accepting any new clients at the moment.

I remember the last time I made such an announcement I received several calls wondering if perhaps I’d had a ‘bad experience’.

Nope, that isn’t the case at all. I simply have a lot going on in external to my Escorting life, which also includes a few changes afoot. The first thing is that my study load is fairly hefty at the moment and I need to concentrate hard for the next 2 weeks. There’s also a chance that I will be ceasing incalls very soon. I have many regular clients whom I’ve been seeing for quite some time now, and it makes more sense to me to concentrate on them in the time I do have available. We’ve met several times, we know each other’s nuances, and they also are comfortable knowing where to meet.

This doesn’t however mean goodbye for ever, or that I am disappearing. What it means is that I should be still continue to be available for outcalls for the foreseeable future, and also start seeing new clients again when I do have more time – which is looking like the end of May or beginning of June. My outcall minimum booking requirements for certain locations may also be jigged around a bit as a slight geographical change looks highly likely.

So if you are new to me please do look around, do take in the information and if you are interested in a booking do check back for more updates in future.

Kind regards
Ruth x