Posted: 25-01-2019

Birthday Month

Christmas seems to have run right into January for me, this year the festive season set of a feeling of renewal and excitement. I decided that Christmas would not end with New Year, it would continue to my birthday and beyond. As a birthday treat I booked myself into the iconic hotel I had wanted to look around for many years, the hotel did not disappoint. On hearing about my forthcoming stay a client loaned me a book about the hotel, I really enjoyed wandering around looking for the features not all of which were included in the guide. A good night’s sleep and wonderful atmosphere to great me in the morning made it an incredibly refreshing stay.

Last week I popped down to Manchester firstly to connect with a couple of new clients, which I managed to co-ordinate with a photoshoot with one of the two photographers I like to use. Now many people think I’m naturally photogenic, however I’m absolutely useless photographing myself. I’ve tried everything even bought lights, roped in family and friends and also a few clients have had a go. Nope it doesn’t work. I also really like just having a good session of lingerie, different clothing changes rather than trying to grab something at home when I have time. I also like the photographers input, it encourages me to be creative and away from home I feel a lot freer (for example I’m not trying to keep personal items out of the shot, that also includes boring things like trailing wires, electrical sockets, strange light pulls, all sorts of things). I got an action packed 3 hours, yet still couldn’t fit everything in which leaves more for next time. Another video is also in the making I’m so glad I’m not an actress, I’m told film directors can demand up to 30 takes – 3 takes is more than enough for me. I was so wanting to finish the strawberries, and also my hip flexors were aching from preventing my legs skidding away on the window ledge. “Ooh the glamour” I say with a smile.

Afterwards I experienced the same 1 hour drive out of Manchester as I did at the same time of day last time, I could use the train however this visit involved an outcall which would have been difficult if not impossible without a car. Also back home is on a branch line serviced by Northern Rail who often cancel trains, or have regular strike action affecting the service. I will however be using the train on my forth coming visit to London in March, and am seriously considering not taking the car into Manchester for my next stay in 3 weeks time. Speaking of which if you’d like to arrange a booking for my next trip, you need to be letting me know now and getting your deposit paid. If I don’t have anything in place a few days before I will cancel my accommodation switching to a ‘non-working’ travel plan.