Posted: 22-04-2021

Avoiding tears and tears

When I first tried latex a few years ago at a client’s request I really did not like the feeling of pressure on my skin, it is only in the last year or so that I have started to realise a true fetish, I have discovered another passion expanding my latex collection. The little latex seems to have grown, I hope you enjoy the photos of me wearing Vertigo catsuit, and some of the other items I took to a recent photoshoot. I have really enjoyed wearing latex for webcam sessions, and am looking forward to more face-to-face bookings clad in latex. This blog is intended to provide some information about the ins and outs of wearing latex.

Firstly the cost and effort choosing a latex garment, the colour, fit, style and size is only the first step, a lot of care is involved to avoid damaging the item as well correct fitting and bringing to the glorious polish you see in my photos. Latex garments are often made to order they are certainly made to fit like a second skin, however they are both thick and at the same time delicate. In order to slide in dressing aid is required this is basically a lubricant fluid, after a little experimentation I have found application inside the garment works better than application on the skin. Also removal of jewelry watches, bracelets, finger rings is advisable to prevent snagging or tearing. Sliding on takes time because grabbing, or pulling could result in tears and tears! Zips are often difficult to grip when hands have been in contact with dressing aid, which is essentially a lubricant. Zips passing around the genital area for example the all around Vertigo catsuit zip, may require an assistant to avoid trapping skin which is a real hazard.

Once in a wriggle to get the garment seating around the body’s curves, is followed with shine spray or lotion to bring up the shine and remove finger prints polished with a soft cloth to result in the very attractive high shine finish.

After wear the garments require careful removal to avoid damage to the fabric, if worn for a significant period of time a rinse in cleaner, drying inside and out before application of baby powder inside and shiner on the outside. After this I carefully fold flat, wrap in tissue paper for storage in a cool dark place.

As I am sure you now realise the stunning effect, does take quite a bit of time and effort. To reflect this all latex webcam bookings are subject to an extra £15 charge, and need to be made with enough time for me to change. For Escort bookings subject to notice I am happy to wear latex for regular clients I already know quite well. If this is outcall I do require a short amount of time to get into the latex garments which I will bring with me in a bag. Whilst I will make allowances for this you will need to be aware at least some of this time may be part of the time you book. If you are visiting me I will change into the latex before our booking popping other clothing on over the top to welcome you. If you are a new client or someone I am not familiar with I require an extra £20 added onto your booking deposit.

My latex collection extends further than the photos in my gallery, but I do not have everything for example I do not have any hoods and not sure I will because I am not sure how that will work with my hair!

I am really looking forward to plenty of fun

Best regards