Posted: 04-08-2020

Availability 3

Earlier this year I posted on the topic of organising my schedule, what I do between, prior to and after bookings. So much has changed in the world and the UK since then, thanks to ‘you know what’.

One of the things I would like to explain is how my ‘availability’ works ok, many years ago I tried a variety of calendars, booking forms, and other ways of communication as well as setting my ‘working’ hours.

What I found was that attempting a ‘real-time-live’ calendar does not work, it is impossible to administer and indeed very misleading. Mr A looks sees I’m already booked, in the meantime Mr B has cancelled but I have not yet had chance to update whatever system I have on my website, various forum posts, and profiles on a variety of websites – but Mr A has given up. Also having to run back to the internet every time there is a change of some sort just isn’t possible. Also I find even commitments in my non-Escort life can change, I have experienced concerts, workshops and events cancelled, people let me down or chop and change. In the meantime Fred has decided Ruth is not available on the 25th December, so will not notice that date has become available. Actually 25th December is often a dead cert, although I do wonder what a booking on Christmas Day would be like. I have had great experiences on every other day of the year, just never accepted or been asked for the ‘most wonderful day of the year’.

I found the best way is to use the Availability page to simply state the days and dates I am able to accept bookings, then state the dates I am on holiday or clearly having a day off. That does not mean I do not take impromptu days off, I sometimes do but once a booking is in my diary as far as I am concerned it is set in stone.

At the moment you may notice I am accepting one Escort booking every two days, around this I offer phone chat and webcam sessions either privately or via a couple of different platforms.

Thanks to patient clients previous, current and new to me making advance bookings on the one-every-two-days basis the only days currently available in August are 20th, and 31st. I already have some bookings for September and a few pending in October. This does not mean earlier or more dates will not be possible if say someone cancels, or a miracle vaccine for ‘you know what’ arrives. Vaccine or not I do however like the alternate day booking, it allows me to prioritise your booking whilst writing in other activities and commitments around it.

Any firm definite days off will be written onto the Availability page as soon as I am aware of them, apart from that get in touch with your preferred date, time, duration including location and if a new client or have not seen me for while the deposit method choice (Bank transfer or Amazon gift card). Being specific, providing this information is always really appreciated. I find most enquirers have a specific time, or date in mind. If I can make those dates and times I will do, if not I will provide the closest alternative.

Finally do not be limited by timescale I accept bookings, and have accepted many up to 6 months in advance. Aside from the deposit if required, I simply ask to check in with each other a month or so before hand, more frequently if you wish – but like all bookings if I accept I consider it set in stone and would work around anything which arises. This did have to be broken for my planned tour at the end of March 2020 when lockdown ensued, however a couple of the bookings were then subsequently transferred online which was a great introduction for both myself and the clients to the pleasures of online liaisons.

If any of this is not clear please phone me any time, sometimes it’s easier to have a couple of minutes conversation on the phone rather than bat around ping-pong emails going not-very-far-fast. My phone is on from 6.30am most mornings until 10pm each evening, if I am busy which includes sleeping, training, whatever incompatible with answering the phone I set my voicemail to indicate a better time to call. I admit to tucking my number away to maximise chances of my website being read before making contact, but that does not mean you have to read everything on here. Just call and I will happily help.

All the best very warmly