Posted: 19-10-2022

Autumn is the new Spring

Some years ago I decided to change my outlook to winter, going into winter miserable only ever resulted in a feeling of dread and drudgery. I knew something had to change so I put a few things in place, as well as actively create a change in mindset. This does not mean I do reach my cold and rain limit, but it means until I do hit that threshold I appreciate the change in seasons.

This year autumn has for me felt like a continuation of summer, I do not know why but I was able to carry the mood through and it still refuses to leave. This last weekend I travelled to Chester for a visit taking in both Escort bookings, as well as opportunity to engage in personal interests. My trip was capped with a fabulous concert on the way home, someone who has worked with the group I am crazy about, but this was definitely a different type of show. The performer I went to see uses a range of musical styles to express themselves, bringing both original material as well as interpretations of other artistes work. Only right at the end were the true, famous classics brought out which had the majority of the audience until then fairly subdued out of their seats. I very much enjoyed bobbing along, filling my heart with the sounds, words and also light effects complimenting, enhancing but not distracting from the showcase of songs.

Returning home I have been kept busy with car maintenance, and a video making session. A nice way to ease myself back into my home routine, whilst unpacking and catching up on life in South lakes.

I still do not feel as if winter is here, so long live the new Autumn.

Ruth SB