Posted: 11-10-2018

A period of pampering approaches

As a few people already know I haven’t been able to eat out for a very long time now, this is going to change in the next 6 weeks and perhaps sooner. This means I will be able to accept dinner dates and overnights which include meals, as well as any other booking in which you’d like to chat over some food. I won’t however be dining every night, and there definitely won’t be any wining because I am long term tee total. Some assume the not touching alcohol is the result of a ‘my body is a temple’ approach, the truth is that a long time ago I had a serious alcohol problem during which I also took drugs. Having gotten myself through all of that I decided the safest option is to be completely tee total, which includes also avoiding any prescribed drugs wherever possible.

Lately I’ve been finding it difficult to be photogenic, really lacking inspiration so booked myself a glamour shoot with my old friend Nicola in November, I feel I need a few of her shots just to boost my profile a little bit. I’ll also be engaging with Phil (the other photographer I use) on one of his trips north, for his very fresh angle on photography.

I can feel a definite period of pampering going on, which is going to be great fun.