Posted: 01-03-2017

A period of calm after the storm

The last few weeks have been fairly packed with activities. and responsibilities in all areas of my life. I’m now in a slightly clearer spell and have a few exciting projects finally coming together.

One of these is the tightening of my diet again as I prepare to drive myself into the ground for my sport. This means that I may not always want to accept bookings involving a meal, or may check that the restaurant(or you) can adjust to my diet. Last night I had an interesting conversation in an eatery claiming to be able to adjust to most dietary requirements, who weren’t able to make either plain boiled or jacket potato instead of chips or dauphinoise potatoes. I understand these things take preparation but……

Another bit of news is that from 8th March 2017, I will be able to arrange a couple of incall bookings per week. These will be in a lovely luxuriously furnished property for previous regular clients I am comfortable with, and new clients who are able to pay for their booking in advance by my usual deposit methods. To reflect the limited spaces for incall, unless I tell you otherwise my incall and outcall fees will be exactly the same. In other words I have one price list! Each week once I have the 2 incall bookings, the only way to see me will be outcall. I also will not be routinely giving out my address, and will only be seeing clients I can trust to be discrete and reliable. Privacy, discretion and safety are my priority.

The other thing I’d like to say is “Please stop asking outside of the information I write on here”. I pride myself on my integrity, and being as genuine as possible. If I say I’m not doing something until a certain date, or have certain procedures it’s really off putting when I’m asked to circumvent. I try my best at all times to provide as much information as possible.

So an exciting few months ahead!