Posted: 13-04-2020

A new Easter has passed

Easter weekend has been a time to really reflect on how the current situation has affected the way in which life is being lived. To me Easter felt very much ironed out, Easter is still there however suddenly every day is just as important or unimportant as the next. It is another step towards a life in which adjustment is required, change is exciting but also quite scary.

Since restrictions took two major things and many choices from my life I have been very busy working towards revitalising something I had put aside, whilst adapting to new ways of doing things. One adaptation is putting in provision to keep in touch with clients, as well as provide something online for those who would like to keep connected and enjoy some intimacy whilst being physically distant. If you are someone who’s situation and interest allows, perhaps you have been a little too nervous to meet me in person, perhaps you have had a few bookings with me and would like to carry on or re-engage whilst you have time and space, perhaps you simply are missing your regular booking with me, or you would have always wondered what I am like behind the keyboard. What I would like to offer is a meeting using webcams, to say “Hi” have chat, some flirting, perhaps some undressing and a little play. Does that sound good to you? I will prepare for our virtual meeting just as I would meeting in person, with enough notice I can tailor my dress, lingerie and shoes to your request. This will be for clients I am comfortable with similar boundaries to those in a normal meeting, and I may want some details from you before going ahead. If this is something you would appreciate and find exciting please email or phone me, I will also accept SMS text if I have met you before you use the same number and are able to be specifically succinct. I want our interaction to be enjoyable and relaxed, so you get the most from it – and of course any pleasure is mutual.

Really looking forward to going forward with this, if successful I am thinking of extending this as an introduction for new clients in the future. Sort of a ‘pre-lim’ meet ahead of physical meetings.

Change can be a challenge, but also very enjoyable.

Ruth x