Your Christmas Treat

Christmas started on my return from my trip to London this week, it actually started with my glimpse of Christmas lights from the black cab taking me to my hotel. My trip was an academic one not the ‘shopping and a show’ fantasy, it was also chance to check out the feasibility of offering a few bookings on a return trip at the beginning of March. I am pleased to say that yes I will definitely be able to accept a few bookings and some of those have now been agreed.

During my trip I had a very rare meal out which although got off to a rocky start regards poor service, culminated in great happiness when my much deliberated over main course turned out to be a show stealer. Gasps were heard when the giant gamba prawns were brought to my place at the table. From that point The Mango Tree went up in my estimation, an absolute culinary delight I ate everything including the shell. Back to academia the following day then off back home with a bit of a minor detour to avoid the randomness which is Northern Rail and their weekend strikes. When it works I love public transport, when it’s difficult I find a way around it.

Back home I could start the Christmas music and hang the very few decorations I cam manage, I prefer an under-to-moderate Christmas and see it as a time to enjoy rather than feel pressured into some sort of competition.

I will be available for outcalls most days over the Festive period and can be as flexible as you like, apart from 1pm-6pm Christmas day when I’m completely unavailable including phone black out! It may also be worth knowing that the few incalls I accept will not be possible 23rd-28th December, only outcalls during that 5 day period.

Aside from that you’ll have noticed I’ve had some new photos taken which were an absolute success, I always find taking my own snaps very difficult so really do need a professional shoot every once in a while. I plan to visit at least one if not both same photographers in the first few months of 2019. I’ve also reinstated an advert on where I have also been included in annual advent calendar, just click on the doors to find me.

In the meantime I like to be able to offer you a small Christmas treat, which might be in the form of a chocolate truffle, clementine or a new piece of lingerie.

Have a great festive season, I hope to see you soon.

Best wishes
Ruth x