Tuesday Tuesday

I may have mentioned in the past that Tuesdays appear to be a very unpopular day for bookings, and I’ve tried a variety of things including offering special lower rates on this day to try and shift the balance. It hasn’t worked however, with the promise of a definite booking this week I decided to be available this Tuesday and give it another go. As luck would have it the booking did not go ahead, despite contact right up until the previous night and the gentleman concerned did not follow through, nor contact me on the day as promised. All was not completely lost however as I did have a date with an old friend lined up, which ended up taking a bit of an interestingly exciting turn! A strenuous martial arts class at the end of the day finished me off nicely.

I think the message is loud and clear, quite simply Tuesdays are not a day for gentlemen’s desires so best I use them as a pampering day for myself.

The weather has made a turn for the worse, after thick snow we now have horrendous ice and I’ve relented with the purchase of a pair of Yaktraks. They are absolutely ace, I can now walk on any icy surface without fear of slipping. I have been quite careful to take them off in the house since I don’t think they and high grade laminate flooring go together very well at all. I have also spread some salt on my path this morning too, since the ice and snow wasn’t showing any signs of melting soon and it was really becoming an annoying hazard. It’s now marginally safer and a thaw is forecast for tomorrow and the weekend, so fingers crossed it’ll all be gone by next week.

Take care out there, I don’t drive when it’s like this simply because I don’t have to, but I have heard there has been a very high number of road accidents this morning out there. Stay at home is the advice and I shall be doing just that!

ps forgot to add yesterday that I am now on Twitter, thought I’d give it a go!