Tuesday Revisited

Back in the depths of winter I made a blog post re Tuesdays. Basically I decided to play that day by ear, and sometimes use it as a day to myself sometimes not, it just depended on the enquiries I received. I’ve only recently realised, after a few comments from clients that it has made it appear that I am no longer available on Tuesdays. I can confirm I certainly am available Tuesdays, and I have since the blog had some great meetings on that day of the week.

Apologies to anyone who thought I had ruled that day out entirely, I can certainly be available – just ask or check the information at the bottom of my ‘Services’ page. Which if you weren’t aware is where I post a rough guide to the times I can offer for appointments each week.

Oh and thank you those who have mentioned this to me, I guess I don’t always realise just how many of you do read this blog!