They are here, very exciting

Just in the nick of time before Christmas my new photos have arrived, and they are the best yet. Prior to my shoot last week I was feeling a bit sorta “What are we going to do, everyone’s seen my photos, poses, lingerie. Why am I making the effort, time and paying a lot of money for this?”. I even thought of cancelling. I started flicking through the photographer’s galleries looking for ideas, started choosing lingerie I wanted to wear and suddenly discovered items I’d never thought of wearing.

After the long drive which is almost 2 hours, once I got there and started going through my lingerie, had my make-up done and started shooting I realised that at the moment I’m in tip top condition. I’m fit, you can see that, without being extreme. You can tell I train and look after myself, and that I love to wear fabulous lingerie. I had a great time and have been checking my inbox ever since. The photos arrived today and I am so, so glad I went to the time and expense to engage with the lady who really captures my personality and beauty so well.

I’ve popped a few into the gallery today so you can see them, and will add more over the few days. As you can see they really communicate everything I have about me as a person. As I’ve just said to someone in an electronic message I wanted the photos to show “more about me, than a list of services and a pussy”

Best wishes