The importance of life – “Keep me as me”

Recent health test results have shown me that I really need to put some weight on, despite fitness being promoted in the media there are some downsides and risks associated with being very lean. In order to lessen the risks and enjoy a good quality of life I need to go against the belief that slimmer is better, and lower some of the stresses on my body. I am still following a training and diet regime with the same commitment, but I will be adding a few slight curves to my figure and ‘softening’ out a little bit. Who knows I might start to feel the cold a little less!

As you may notice I’m adding photos every so often, during my summer I’ve had a couple of photoshoots and have a great selection to show off in the coming months. Sometimes people ask are the photos mine, are they recent – the answer is I go to a lot of effort and expense to get the lovely photos, some are not recent however all are representative of me my style, my character and my body. Some years ago I did used to change a lot, in body size and shape as I struggled with a few personal issues. These days I stay mostly around the same shape, sometimes a bit leaner, sometimes not – but it’s no longer an extreme shift. Yes the photos are taken to create your fantasy some are more glamorous than others, however I ask all my photographers to do the minimal work. The brief I provide is “Keep me as close to me as possible” so you can expect to meet the woman in the pictures.