Summer’s almost over and I’m off on my travels

Yep, as already mentioned in my previous blog I am off on my travels next week. I’ll be available each day up until (but not including) 10th, then bext availability will be Wednesday 19th. It’s going to be the trip of a lifetime, can’t wait and am just currently making all the arrangements so that my place is well looked after in the meantime, safe sound and ready for my return. Housesitter have their orders, and I’ve arranged for a spring clean in my absence. New suitcase has been purchased, goodies obtained for the flight, which are mostly travel sized, aviation regulation – abiding beauty and hygiene products. Well a girl has to arrive looking the part you know!

My recent discount for advance bookings had a mixed reception. Whilst it did prompt a few old and new clients to book me, there were a few disappointments when it seemed a few new enquirers simply weren’t able to commit, ummed, ahhed, and cancelled. The galling thing if someone can’t make it during a special offer, is that others will probably have missed out and I’ll probably just go off and do something else instead. As it was I did get a few genuinely serious last minute enquiries, and was able to arrange to see someone who had been trying to get to see me for some time. So all worked out in the end.

After my break although I’ll continue to offer the usual wide range of timings I am going to become a little limited around early evening time most(but not every) week on Tuesday and Friday. This will form a pattern and so far don’t think it’ll have too much impact since there are still plenty of other times I can be available during the week – just let me know in advance and I can be fairly flexible.

I’m also hoping to have a few more recent photos uploaded on my return too. I’m a little fuller than I was back in March for my last shoot, and have received a lot of compliments about my bottom. It’s cuvier, firmer, and perter than ever as the result of a change in my regime and I’m loving showing it off but you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks.

Bye for now