Summer rolls along

Wow August has really flown. We’ve had some gorgeous days and after my move in June it’s taken a while to work out a new routine, finding the best classes and clubs locally to fulfill my interests, working out what feels best and where I fit in, I am now extremely happy. After a month of hard work and planning I now have a couple of relaxing weekends to look forward to.

Most notably the Magic Orchard festival, which looks like it will be absolutely great. Local, small but big enough to have fun and eclectic too. I’m afraid that run of the mill and big festivals leave me uninspired and this one looks like it’s anything but boring.

I’ve also been privileged to have a few more bookings in the beautiful surroundings of the south lakes area, which has included a drive around the bay to Millom, Hest Bank, and also a room with a balcony over looking a river dramatically pouring out of a Lake the Lake District. I find the sound cascading rivers to be very powerful, and it was refreshing to have a cool glass of water out in the fresh evening air.

Do be warned that due to an allergy to midge bites, which is probably a side-effect of having a fair complexion, I am very careful about getting too close to water ways during summer evenings. If I spy any midges I will not venture outside without a thick layer of Avon skin so soft dry oil, which seems to be the only remedy I’ve ever tested that keeps the midges away.

Now that academic pressures have finally lifted, I am able to read whatever I wish and I’ve started on Leonard Cohen:A remarkable life. So far I’m finding it really enjoyable, and because I do have most of his albums can listen to songs as they are mentioned in the book. The first 32 years of his life are covered in just 2 chapters, during which he managed to travel and get up to quite a few things. I’m guessing the next 50 years must be really packed with action.

When my plans for September become clearer I am hoping to book another incall day, this time possibly in Barrow-In-Furness. I may also do a day later in the year in Carlisle, and Lancaster again sometime in winter.

For now it’s time for bed, I’ve had my Valerian tea and it’s time to brush my teeth.

Goodnight and sweet kissesm
Ruth x