Summer is here

Hot and sticky and fun are three words I have for yesterday. Summer is definitely here! Remember if you need a shower all you have to do is ask, unfortunately my shower isn’t suitable for two but I’ll probably leap in straight after you.

So my intense period of training has passed, I’ve had the obligatory wine, chocolates, pizza and a curry so am not quite as mean looking as I have been. I have started some another venture which means I can no longer be available during certain hours of the week until further notice, so please do check my availability. Even more than ever this means getting in touch and booking with at least 24 hours notice is heavily recommended. I still have plenty of time available to see clients, but I’m just going to be a little more difficult to get hold of. As many of you know I do not sit around seeing client after client, and prefer to just see a couple of clients each day. Unfortunately recently I have once again noticed the drop out rate for first time bookings has crept up again, and I’ve decided to go back to my old policy of giving priority to regular clients and those with references from other well known Escorts. Whilst this means it may make it more difficult for those new to me to get an appointment, my time is valuable. The other alternative is to start insisting on a deposit for all new clients, but I’m going to try another way instead first of all. If you’ve already met me it won’t affect you, in fact you may find it easier to book your preferred time, if not then I’m sure you’ll understand and bear with me.

In the meantime I’m taking a few days off in June 20th-23rd inclusive when my phone will be turned off. Also from around this date, for a few weeks into July I am only able to offer incalls on an evening and weekend basis. I’m still working out exact arrangements, and will post exact dates when I have something more definite to report. If you like weekday daytime incalls, and feel the urge it might be a good idea to arrange to see me in the next week or so.

Ruth x