Summer Breaks

A few of you will know I took a short break recently and did actually go away on holiday. Being a home body I have to be extremely motivated to actually arrange a proper holiday, luckily this time a good friend made all the necessary arrangements. I did have some input though as our first destination was a place I have visited previously, being in a beautiful part of an Eastern European country. I often get quite quizzical looks when after being asked which exotic place I’ll be jetting off to, I answer “Poland”. Anyone who has visited this fabulous country, will know it has a lot to offer including great countryside, scenic mountains, oodles of historic and beautiful architecture. On this trip I was able to further explore a particular city I was very impressed with on my last visit. After a couple of adventures we moved on to Paris, the city of romance where I treated myself to a ticket at a top show not too far from the Champs Elysee. Expensive but it just had to be done. Remainder of the time I wandered around a couple of galleries, stopping off for occasional refreshment in side street cafes.

I returned home clutching a selection of amber jewellery from Poland, and a very useful mobile phone charging accessory courtesy of the Georges Pompidou centre.

On my return of course it was time to resume my June special offer for Dinner Date and Overnight bookings. Had some lovely meetings as a result, and several very relaxed and pleasureable evenings have been had by all concerned.

Time to catch up on my beauty sleep now!

Ruth x