Shush, Escort booking

This blog post is very much like the one I’ve just posted on Adultwork. Unfortunately in the last few days I’ve come across a couple of cases of indiscretion. Now this doesn’t happen very often, perhaps once or twice a year, whenever it does it makes me firstly angry, and then sad.

Indiscretion in the Escort world can take several forms. Firstly there is pillow talk, some clients splurge details of other Escorts sometimes it’s to me, sometimes other Escorts reveal that person information has been given to them by clients we have in common. Very, very occasionally I’ll also see details given on the internet which can also identify clients – this is very rare, but yesterday a forum post if you made a few links could have identified a man who has visited Escorts.

None of this is acceptable to me, and thankfully the post was removed as swiftly as it was made.

I was under the impression that discretion is paramount when booking an Escort, and a trust builds up. If and when I hear of clients who do divulge other ladies, or even my own details, then it makes me feel quite strange inside. I then place them at arms length and become a lot more careful as a result. Idle gossip is harmful. I’ve been given all sorts of personal details about other Escorts, and I have to just blank it out. It’s not cool and I am not interested in seeing clients who do not understand the etiquette of discretion.

As I say this is luckily very rare, so when it does happen it does leave me feeling sad.

Ruth x