September, Chester

This month has seen me visit Chester and also Manchester a few times. Chester was at the request of a man who had met me socially, but who had never been able to see me professionally. My lifestyle doesn’t fit well with travelling or touring and so I decided to pop to Chester for just one day and see what happened. We had a fab booking, he left the wine at home after discovering I don’t drink, and so we had a civillised cup of tea before flinging our clothing off and really starting the fun and games.

Will I visit again?I can’t forsee it, I just have too much on back home to be nipping away on a whim like that, but it was fun.

At the moment I am taking up commitments in another area of my life, this means for the forseeable future I am not longer able to be available on Wednesdays, and Thursdays afternoons are also not possible. I’m concentrating my bookings into shorter hours, and you could say I’m heading rapidly towards part-time with only 2 or 3 full days available for bookings. I’ve actually found recently that focusing things down like this(which really started in the summer), not being quite so ‘available’ has increased my enjoyment of the bookings I am accepting. You might also notice there are days when I now turn my phone completely off, this means if you do have an enquiry it’s even more important to get in touch well in advance, especially if you have a very specific time in mind.

I shall be making a whistle stop visit to central London in November, during which I’ll be able to accept 1 perhaps 2 bookings. If you think you’d be interested in seeing me whilst I’m there, then drop me an email and let’s see what we can do.