Presents and preparation

Hi guys

Sometimes I am asked what I’d like as a present. I don’t drink alcohol and chocolates are a love-hate relationship I’d rather not have. The other issue is that presents although nice, are simply not required. If you do like bringing presents then a nice steak is always appreciated, discrete and very good for me. Perfume is a bad choice, why?because I use it so sparingly I end up with a backlog and it goes off. If you didn’t know, perfumes contain alcohol which is oxidised(reacts) with oxygen in the air, to produce some compounds which do not smell pleasant. Keeping bottles in a cool, dark place helps, but inevitably and once it’s opened then the little molecules can start reacting away like mad. My current bottle is 2 years old and I keep expecting it to start smelling very odd any day now. I have another two in the waiting, and any more would be a waste(or not if I donate them to the nearest charity shop). Lush bathbombs or lotions are also always enjoyed, or a Neom scented candle but really my fee is more than enough.

As you’ll have noticed at the moment I don’t really have the time to shepherd in new clients, which is why I am being upfront in saying that if you are new to me and are definite you’d like an appointment, can communicate all relevant details and requirements in a couple of short emails or a phone call then great. I have seen a couple of newbies who have been able to do this no problem at all. I have also however noticed I am receiving a few last minute, short notice requests for outcalls which I am unable to fulfill purely on the basis that the details I require for an outcalls, proof of residency or hotel booking can’t be provided. In lieu of this I can instead accept a deposit, but once again this requires advance notice and internet access which isn’t always possible when travelling. There are occasions when I am more than happy and very able to respond at short notice, however without the details or a definite time I cannot proceed. It’s great I’m being looked up, but some planning is required if you wish to see me.

I hope the bad weather isn’t causing too much hassle for anyone, for me I’ve not been affected any more than a bit of a drenching whilst on the way back from the gym, and the noise of distance wheelie bins being blown around. I’ve not experienced loss of power, nor any other sort of disaster. I guess living in a hollow has it’s advantages!

Ruth x